Why São Paulo

Facts and Figures

São Paulo is a city of numbers. There are over 12 million inhabitants that share space with 14,9 million of tourists per year. It is 1,521 km² wide, offering several interesting places to meet, restaurants to taste different gastronomies, malls and many shopping centers for all kinds of goods. And even though buildings surround it, there are lots of parks and green areas.

Speaking of it, here are some numbers regarding what “Paulistanos” and tourists can find on the city:

320 hotels (44,000 rooms)
63 hostels
314 movie theaters
138 theaters
115 cultural centers
150 libraries
158 museums
333 sport and leisure centers
11 soccer stadiums
109 parks and green areas
20 thousand restaurants
30 thousand bars
53 malls
33 thousand taxis

São Paulo is also the capital of titles and records. Each year, the city surpasses itself and gest new recognitions from some influent magazine or international consultancy firms. Some of the last honors the city has received are:

– 5rd best Brazilian destination  (Trip Advisor, 2016);
– Main destination in South America until 2017. (Global Destination Cities Index, 2016);
– The city is the one that hosts the most international events in Brazil. (ICCA – International Congress and Convention Association);
– One of the destinations with the 10 most impacting skylines of the world. (According to the research made by the German group Emporis);
– 4th city with the best nightlife in the world. (CNN and National Geographic, 2015);
– 11th best restaurant in the world – D.O.M (according to the U.K. magazine “THE RESTAURANT”, 2016).

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