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Guided Tours

São Paulo is a boiling metropolis where there are thousands of events each year. However, it is not only a business capital in Latin America, but an entertainment center as well.

To know everything that the city has to offer, you can count on several options of tours. It can be with a receptive tourism agencies, choosing the city tour according to your profile and / or area of interest, or walking tours. There are even programs that you can do like a local, visiting places that go beyond traditional tourism.

Next there are some tour options. Put your creativity to work!

Guided Tours

Sao Paulo is a bustling, effervescent metropolis. The city hosts over 90,000 events every year. Not only is it the business capital of Latin America, but also a major entertainment center. With hundreds of cinemas, theaters and concert halls, cultural centers and museums, as well as a huge variety of nightclubs all make for one of the most animated nights on the planet.

Click to see the list of receptive tourism agencies that sell tour packages and special deals in São Paulo or search for a tour guide  that is unionized and  registered within the Ministry of Tourism.

Guided Tours at Matarazzo Building


The City Hall of São Paulo opens its doors for visitation.

Continuing the project initiated by São Paulo Turismo (SPTuris), visits to the building are now being managed

by the Municipal Tourism Office (SMTur). Knowing the Matarazzo Building, seat of the municipal government is an

unforgettable opportunity to see the city through another angle, valuing more of a historical heritage of the Center

that can be accessed by the residents and visitors of the city.

The itineraries pass through the third floor and through the garden on the rooftop of the building – where there

are beautiful viewpoints of the city.

Edifício histórico da Prefeitura de São Paulo é aberto à visitação guiada. Foto: José Cordeiro/ SPTuris.




In case of rain, manifestation or force majeure, the visit may be canceled without prior notice.


Guidelines for visitation scheduling:

  • Days and times for visitation: Monday to Saturday at 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.
    ● Visitation is scheduled to last one hour.
    ● It is not possible to make a reservation.
    ● Arrive at least one hour in advance to make contact with the building’s reception desk, and no more than fifteen minutes before the tour begins.
    ● Meeting place: at the reception desk of the Matarazzo Building – Headquarters of the City Hall – Viaduto do Chá, n °15.
    ● Each visit is limited to ten people per hour.
    ● For visitation, it is necessary to present original and official photo ID. The same applies to children as well (for children up to 5 years old, a birth certificate is also accepted).– The historic City Hall building of São Paulo is open for guided visitation. 

– Entrance hall of the building.

– The garden inside the building is also part of the tour.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Visit to Matarazzo Building 

Is it necessary to schedule a visit in advance to the Matarazzo Building?
It is not possible to make a reservation for the visit. You only need to speak to the reception desk of the Matarazzo Building – Headquarters of the City Hall – Viaduto do Chá, no. 15, at least one hour before the chosen time, no more than forty-five minutes before the tour begins. To complete the visitor registration, you will need an official photo ID. Visitation is limited to ten people per hour. The places are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Is there visitation for people with reduced mobility?
Yes, however, there are some areas in the building that can only be accessed by means of stairs. If you or someone in your party has mobility restrictions, please report at least 24 hours in advance by the e-mail: [email protected]

Do visitations take place as normal in the event of a public demonstration in the area?
Some manifestations do not interfere in the visitation schedule, while others may cause visitation to be canceled.

Is there a minimum age limit for visitation?
No, there is not.  For visitors under 18 years old must be accompanied by their parents or guardians and provide an original photo ID.  Children under the age of five may enter with a birth certificate.

Does the City Hall offer any proof of visitation?
We do not provide proof of visitation.

What documents are accepted as proof of identification?
Official documents with photo, such as RG, RNE, CNH, CTPS, Passport and Professional Tour Guide Card. For children under five years of age, a birth certificate is also accepted.

Can I go with a baby stroller?
Baby strollers, as well as other belongings, will be stored in the closet intended for this purpose or in the security room at the start of the tour.

Can I take videos and photographs?
Photographs for private purposes are allowed, provided they are taken with unprofessional equipment. Filming is not allowed.

Can I enter with bags or backpacks?
Bags and backpacks of any size, as well as all belongings, except cameras, cell phones or tablets, should be kept in a specific cabinet for this purpose at the start of the tour. It is therefore asked to carry as little as possible.

Is there parking nearby?
There are some parking lots in the area, but we are not associated with any of them.

Is visitation free? Yes, it is.

Is there a minimum number of participants required for visitation? 
No, there is not. Visitation proceeds as normal even if there is only one person present.

Is there a maximum limit of participants per visitation?
Yes, ten people is the hourly limit.

Is there visitation on Sundays and holidays?
No, there is not. Visitation takes place on weekdays.

What is the tolerance time for delays?
There is no tolerance time given for delays. The visit starts exactly at the scheduled time and other persons are not allowed to join the group after it has begun. It is therefore requested that you arrive from one hour to 15 minutes in advance in order to confirm your place.

How long does the visit last?
The visit lasts approximately one hour.

Where is the entrance to the building and where should I go to schedule my visit?
The main entrance of the Matarazzo Building is on Viaduto do Chá, 15. For visitation, you must go to the reception desk with an official photo ID.

Can I visit the garden only?
No, it is not permitted.  The visits are complete, and include the architecture, history and different areas. It is not allowed to join the group after the tour has begun nor is it permitted to leave the group at any time before it ends.

Can the tour be taken in other languages?
We are able to attend simultaneously in two languages. The possibilities are: Portuguese, English or Spanish. The first visitors to arrive will be attended in their foreign language.

Is there any kind of clothing that is not allowed, like shorts and sleeveless shirts?
No, any clothing that is acceptable in the city is allowed.

Walking Tours

How about seeing all the downtown attractions and main points of interest in São Paulo in the most economic way?

Take a look at some suggestions below and enjoy São Paulo:

Caminhos do Triângulo

Tour in Portuguese.
R$ 30,00 per person.
Six options of thematic tours.
Walking tours of 2 hours.
Tuesday to Friday, at 2pm. (without booking). Saturday and Sunday, at 10am. and 2pm. Monday and holidays booking is required.
E-mail: [email protected]
facebook CaminhosDoTriangulo
Rua da Quitanda, 80 – Centro
Tel: (11) 3101-5842

SP Free Walking Tour

Tours in English.
Tips-based only.
– Old Downtown Tour: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, at 11:30 am. (duration of 3h30). Meeting Point: at República Squate, next to Tourist Information Center (República subway station).
– Paulista Ave Tour: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, at 3:30pm. (duration of 3h). Meeting Point: on the corner of Paulista Ave with Augusta St.(Jardins side). (Consolação subway station).
– Vila Madalena: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, at 11am. (duration of 3h). Meeting Point: outside of Fradique Coutinho subway station, on the corner of Fradique Coutinho St. and Pinheiros St. (Fradique Coutinho subway station).

Ibira Walking Tour

Tour in Portuguese.
This tour goes through places such as Obelisk, Japanese Garden, Peace Square and other points inside de Ibirapuera Park.
– It takes place on Saturdays and Wednesdays at 10am. and 2:30pm.
– Duration: 2h30.
– Admissions are included (MAM-SP, Japanese Pavillion and Afro Museum).
– Price: R$40 (adults), R$20 (for children under 17 years old and seniors). Its free for children under 12 years old.
– It is possible to book in advance through the website or show up at the meeting point in the MAC-USP.
– Contact: Edemilson Morais (travel agency Bem São Paulo) –[email protected]


Caminhada Noturna

Thurdays, at 8pm.
Meeting Point: in front of Theatro Municipal – Praça Ramos de Azevedo, s/nº.
Tel: (11) 3256-7909 / 96515-7171.

Walking Tour do Shopping Light

Tour in Portuguese. Free.
Every last Sunday of the month, from 10:30am to 1pm.
Meeting point: Reception of Novotel Jaraguá hotel – Rua Martins Fontes, 71 – Centro
Information at hotel reception or on the desk of Shopping Light.
(11) 3154-2299

Tour in Portuguese. Free.
Guided Tour in Alexandre Makenzie Building (Shopping Light)
Every last Sunday of the month, from 2:30 pm. to 3:30 pm.
Booking is required, by the telephone (11)3154-2299.

Descubra São Paulo a pé com a Habitat Natural Turismo

Tour in Portuguese.
R$ 20,00 per person.
Thematic Tours around São Paulo.
Information:  [email protected] ou WhatsApp (11) 99246-3096

Passeios Baratos em SP

Tour in Portuguese.
The website, in partnership with tour guides, promotes tours through the city divided into five themes:

  • Churches in Downtown;
  • Bixiga neighborhood of immigrants ;
  • Sala São Paulo and historic mansions of Campos Elíseos;
  • Theatro Municipal and cultural expressions of the new downtown;
  • Barra Funda, include Casa das Caldeiras, Memorial and Água Branca Park.

The tours take place once a month on Saturdays and Sundays, at different times (check the website), and last from 3 to 4 hours, depending on the itinerary.
Price: R$35 per person.
Booking is required by e-mail [email protected]

Paseos a Pie en São Paulo (in Spanish)

– Downtown: Saturdays, at 10:30am; Tuesdays, at 2:30pm.;
Meeting point: In front of  Bradesco bank at Liberdade Square, exit A of Liberdade subway station.
– Av. Paulista: Sundays, at 10:30am.
Meeting point: In front of Casa das Rosas (next to Brigadeiro subway station – exit F).
– Vila Madalena: Thurdays, at 2:30pm.
Meeting point: Faria Lima subway station, exit A.
Duration: about 3h.
Booking is required.
Tel.: (11) 9 6138-3377

Passeio a pé pelo Ipiranga

Tour in Portuguese.
Itinerary: Jafet’s Mansions (Palacete dos Cedros, Palacete Violeta, Palacete Rosa, Palacete Nº 825 da Rua Bom Pastor); Russian Orthodox Church; Independence Monument – Visit to the crypt; Casa do Grito – Visit to the house; gardens of Paulista Museum; Santa Paulínia Chapel and Memorial – Visit to the Memorial; Museum of Zoology – Visit to the museum.
Meeitng point: Rua Bom Pastor , 822 – in front of SESC Ipiranga
Date: Second Sunday of the month
Time: 10:00 am.
Duration: about 3h
Price: R$20,00
Information: [email protected]/ (11) 99945-3643


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