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Ecoturism zone of São Paulo


For those who have not yet had the chance to get to know the city, one’s imagination may induce to consider it just another
gray and noisy city — and that is when São Paulo surprises us!
Located at the farthest southern end of the city, the Ecotourism Zone of São Paulo is formed by the districts of Parelheiros and Marsilac and Bororé Island. Situated far from the urban center, it has the aspects of a town in the countryside. The two environmental protection areas — Capivari-Monos and Bororé- Colônia — in the Ecotourism Zone represent alone one-fifth
of São Paulo’s territory and is covered by kilometers of pristine Atlantic Forest, rivers and waterfalls of crystal-clear water.
The region is also endowed with a rich historical heritage. Its churches, temples, buildings, houses, cemeteries and cultural
centers tell us a great deal of the history of the adventures of past immigrants who played a main part in the colonization
of the state capital, especially Germans and Japanese.

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