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During the early nineteenth century, with the expansion of coffee production, the demand for manual labor greatly increased, especially in the state of São Paulo, thus boosting the amount of incoming foreign immigrants.

With the prohibition of the slave trade and the consequent abolition of slavery itself, this immigration influx intensified
while the city of Sao Paulo thrived and modernized increasingly each day, becoming the most sought-after destination for
these immigrant workers who would gradually meet up with other people who had long since resided in the city and
taken part in the city’s physical and cultural conformation, especially the indigenous peoples who lived here before the
arrival of the Portuguese, the Africans brought in as hand labor during the slave regime, and the Portuguese themselves.
In addition to contributing to the capital’s overall development, these individuals were responsible for shaping the
architecture, cuisine, culture and customs of the city, resulting in the multi-faceted and cosmopolitan capital it is today.
This thematic route invites residents and tourists to get to know a little more about the town’s history and see a little of the influence these peoples left in every corner of the city. It’s a trip around the world without ever leaving São Paulo!

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