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São Paulo, the Brazilian city where everything takes place, can be considered an important laboratory of great ideas. The
creativity is irradiated in all corners of the city and in mega events like the Virada Cultural [Cultural Marathon] and the São
Paulo Fashion Week. A recent research, conducted by the São Paulo City Hall, points out that the creative economy (a group
of sectors like design, fashion, culture, technology, arts, etc.) moves about 40 billion reais (R$) a year – 10% of the city’s GDP. The large number of cultural attractions spread throughout the city, revitalized and reinvented areas, and their connections make São Paulo a Creative City.
This itinerary has the intention of revealing the innovative spirit of this metropolis even for visitors that have less time to get to know the capital city of São Paulo. Take advantage of every moment in São Paulo, experience creativity in some of the selected attractions in the suggestion that follows and enjoy this Creative City!

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