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Architecture in Downtown Tour


Presenting buildings with many different styles, shapes and sizes, Sao Paulo has a real outdoor cultural collection. Walking along downtown means to observe history being told through its constructions, concrete manifestations of the  transformations of a village that until 1872 had little more than 30 thousand inhabitants and was restricted to the Historical Triangle (of which the vertexes are the Mosteiro de São Bento, Igreja de São Francisco and Igreja da Ordem Terceira do Carmo), until it was transformed into this current metropolis of 12 million inhabitants.

The itinerary gets together the representatives of the several styles developed in the city throughout its history – highlighting
the work of famed architects – and still presents connections to facts and historical characters. You will get to know on foot the magnificent architecture of the center of our city, following our route suggestion that will go over 25 touristic landmarks.

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Get to know the Architecture in Donwntown Tour in the audioguide versions (still more complete):

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