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Avenida Paulista and Jardins

Start your tour at subway station Consolação, passing through one of the busiest streets of the city, Augusta Street, filled with entertainment and dining options; around number 2064 , there is and Handcraft and fashion fair “Como Assim?” on Sundays.

Internal image from bottom to top. Large spiral shaped ramp with a huge oval column in the center. Ceiling in metallic structure all square with semi-transparent beige plastic plates.

Conjunto Nacional. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris.

To the other side is the Assembléia Nacional. On the next block , notice a big house built in 1905 : it is the Palacete de Melo Franco (No. 1919 ) , remaining the only remaining original building of the avenue. On the same sidewalk you will find the latest park in São Paulo , Parque Mario Covas (No. 1853 ) , which opened in 2010 and can be considered an ideal place for resting and reading. It has bike rack and a CIT – Tourist Information Center, an obligatory stop for anyone wanting to know the entertainment options in São Paulo.

Inside image of a park. In the center, a mall paved by small white Portuguese stones. On the sides, a large forest with undergrowth and large trees. On the left-hand side, at the edge of the mall, an old black iron pole with a frosted white glass lamp on top. On the right hand side, place for bicycle parking.

Parque Trianon – Parque Tenente Siqueira Campos. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris.

Two blocks away, you will sight Lieutenant Siqueira Campos Park, known as Parque Trianon , which has remaining Floresta Atlântica vegetation and especially its internal sculptures : Fauno , Vitor Brecheret ( 1942) and Aretusa , Francisco Leopoldo da Silva (1920).

Across the avenue, it is one of the most famous museums of the city, MASP – Museu de Arte de São Paulo (No. 1578 ) , designed by architect Lina Bo Bardi . On Sundays , There are the traditional antiques fair of Paulista in the open area of the museum. Go straight and you will see a pyramid-shaped building , the Centro Cultural Fiesp (No. 1313 ) and then Espaço Cultural Citi (No. 1111 ).

At number 900 of the avenue are the building of Casper Libero Foundation , home of TV Gazeta and theater and cinema Cultural Reserve, which shows films outside the commercial circuit . The arrival of the traditional São Silvestre Race , on December 31 , happens in front of this building.

Large wide avenue with two lanes and 4 lanes each, where several cars and buses travel. Among them, a bicycle path with red floor, and a rectangular black pole and quite high in the center, with a traffic light at the top. On both sides of the avenue, wide sidewalks, several pedestrians and dozens of commercial buildings side by side, from start to finish. All under a very blue sky without clouds.

Avenida Paulista. Foto: José Cordeiro/SP Turis.

Cross the avenue, on number 709 and you’ll will be front of a building from 1930, which, in the 1960s, was used as a workshop by renowned stylist Dener. Walk a little while and meet at the corner of Rua Maria Figueiredo, the Pasteur Institute (# 393) – Built in 1930 it is a reference in the study of rabies disease.

At the corner of Rua da Silva Teixeira, observe the building of the State School Rodrigues Alves (# 227), founded in 1907, with Ramos de Azevedo project.

Across the avenue, is the Hospital Santa Catarina (No. 200), opened in 1906 by the Congregation Care Santa Catarina. Meet the Chapel Santa Catarina opened in 1920, Jardim das Rosas at its entrance and a few passages of the her life portrayed by Italian painter Marco Ulgheri in 1998.

Returning to the other side, there is Itaú Cultural (# 149), with great free programming, and the Casa das Rosas (No. 37), mansion in classic French style, built in 1935, designed by Ramos de Azevedo.

Also visit in Jardins:

In Jardins are concentrated some of the major global and national brands, galleries , theaters, pastry shops , cafes and the best and most popular restaurants in town. To explore this region so famous for its refinement, walk through its main streets : Oscar Freire , Augusta, Haddock Lobo , Bela Cintra and Alameda Lorena.

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