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Start at Sé subway station to visit the famous Cathedral and Cathedral Square, home to the landmark of the city. Cross the square and check out the sights of Caixa Cultural, Cathedral Square (number 111). Then walk to Roberto Simonsen Street (number 136) and visit the City Museum downtown, formed by a group of buildings dating back to the eighteenth century: Solar da Marquesa de Santos, Alley Pinto and Casa da Imagem.

Picture of a room with black floor and ceiling and some lamps of strong and directional light. In the foreground, a large mockup of the city and surroundings embedded in a rectangular structure of dark wood, where are printed some maps and lists of information, in white color. In the background, a large rectangular white panel; On the left side is printed in black a long text with the title "On the foundation of São Paulo" in red letters and, on the right, a map. In the left lateral wall, there is a large map fixed by two horizontal bars of wood and covered by a transparent plastic plate.

Museu Anchieta. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris

Continue towards the Pateo do Collegio and Anchieta Museum, craddle of the city of São Paulo. Take the Anchieta Street and turn right at Rua XV de Novembro and left on Quitanda Street to visit one of the attractions of the intense schedule of the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil.

Very tall building, all white, with hundreds of windows. Over the last 8 floors, the structure is a bit narrower. At the top, a round tower of concrete and glass with height of 4 floors and a mast with the flag of the State of São Paulo at the top. All this under a very blue and cloudless sky.

Edifício Altino Arantes. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris

Walk along Rua Alvares Penteado toward the Altino Arantes Building, one of the most famous viewpoints of the city, with prescheduled access during the week Working Hours. Leaving the building, take the right to Boa Vista Street, turn left and walk to the Largo São Bento, s / nº, to meet the famous Monastery of St. Benedict. With Masses celebrated daily and in specific Working Hours is possible to appreciate the Gregorian chant. There is a shop on site that sells bread, cakes and pastries produced by the monks themselves.

Picture from bottom to top, old building very tall and broad, light brown. It consists of 4 towers with 3 windows per floor. Among them, 3 facades recessed about 3 meters, containing 2 windows per floor. At the top of each tower, a structure with 2 floors in the shape of an old residence, with white walls and windows with navy blue frames.

Edifício Martinelli. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris

Take Rua São Bento to St. John Avenue to visit the Martinelli building, so big that it has input on three streets, and is also another option for a sightseeing tour and amazing Photos (see Working Hours). Continue the tour by Libero Badaro Street toward the headquarters of the São Paulo City Hall and walk to the Viaduct Tea, which takes its name from a tea plantation that existed on the site. See on your right Viaduct Santa Ifigenia, the first to be built in the nineteenth century and the ANHANGABAÚ Valley. At the end of the crossing are the building of the old city power company, today Shopping Light and the imposing Municipal Theater.

Photo from below to a very tall oval shaped building with hundreds of windows with metal frame. On the 2nd floor there is a terrace and a large sign with metal letters attached to the wall of the building, with the words "CIRCOLO ITALIANO". On the left side, part of the canopy of a tree. All this under a very blue sky without clouds.

Edifício Itália. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris

Continue straight along the street to the theater Ipiranga Avenue and turn left to walk to the building Italy. Get to know one of the Tourist Information Centers, CIT Republic, opposite to the building. Walk to the Copan building designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer and finish the script in Praça da República with traditional crafts fair of arts and crafts on weekends and access to the subway Republic.

Visit also on the region:
  • Galeria do Rock: considered stronghold of rockers, it has themed shopping services and various styles of articles with CDs, records, videos, shirts, piercings and tattoos, clothes, hairdressers, etc.
  • Mercado Municipal: a great option in the area for lunch or snack, famous for traditional mortadella sandwich, codfish pastel, plus a wide variety of excellent quality fruit, meat, spices, etc.
  • Catavento Cultural e Educacional: interactive space that allows visitors to learn science with fun, addressing different topics: Universe, Life, ingenuity and Society
  • Interactive space that allows visitors to learn science with fun, addressing different topics: Universe, Life, ingenuity and Society
  • Rua 25 de Março: the famous popular market outdoor shopping mall has all kinds of toys, textiles, jewelry, home furnishings, among others.
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