Seven breathtaking panoramic views in São Paulo

The capital of São Paulo hides attractions that not all tourists visit and that many residents don’t even know about. These attractions are the viewpoints of the city, some of them in very accessible and inexpensive places. The panoramic view from tall buildings, viaducts or green areas is usually amazing and gives you an idea of the size of the megalopolis.


Cantareira State Park – Núcleo Pedra Grande

Access to the trail of Núcleo Pedra Grande is allowed only until 3:00 p.m. Photo: José Cordeiro/SPTuris.

For those who enjoy getting in touch with nature and are somewhat fit, this is the ideal viewpoint, which will literally take your breath away. After a walk of nearly 5 kilometers (which includes outward journey only), you will reach an altitude of over 1000 meters – to give you an idea, the city’s average is about 750 m. The reward is a unique view of the city from a large granite massif (hence its name, Pedra Grande, which literally means “Big Rock”).

Viaduto do Chá

View from above of Viaduto do Chá. Photo: publicity.

Thousands of people pass through Viaduto do Chá every day, which is located in the center of the city, but few realize the view that it delivers on both sides. From one of them, you will see Vale do Anhangabaú and the Santa Efigênia Viaduct in the background. On the other side, Praça da Bandeira, the Matarazzo Building – the head office of the City Hall, to the left – and Shopping Light, on the right.

Cidade Jardim Shopping Mall

From the terrace of this shopping center, the view at night reveals the landscape of a modern São Paulo, with its imposing mirrored and illuminated buildings standing on Marginal Pinheiros, in the Southern region. In addition, there are some restaurants with panoramic view.

Itália Building

View from Edifício Itália. Photo: Daniel Araújo/ publicity.

Traditional tourist attraction of the city, the Itália Building is also known for the restaurant “Terraço Itália”, where romantic couples can taste the gastronomy of São Paulo, while enjoying a view from the top of the 165-meter-high building, the second tallest in the city.

Praça Pôr-do-Sol (Sunset Square)

Viewing spot of Praça Pôr-do-Sol, in Pinheiros. Photo: José Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

Those who enjoy the outdoors will have moments of pure bliss at this location where, sitting on the grass, they can enjoy the Sun’s twilight in the late afternoon – hence the nickname of the place, which is officially called the Coronel Custódio Fernandes Square. The view from the buildings is surrounded by trees and lots of greenery, giving it an almost bucolic feel.

Viewing spot of Serra do Mar

To the more adventurous, this high point, located in Núcleo Curucutu at the Serra do Mar State Park (PESM), provides a beautiful view of the South coast, Itanhaém and Monguagá, if the sky is clear. It can be accessed through a trail of 2.1 km (round trip) that leads visitors to the summit of the mountain. Visits, which are limited to six daily groups, each one with 12 people, need to be scheduled in advance. Learn more at: www.cidadedesaopaulo.com/ecoturismo.

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