Walking with pets is pure fun in São Paulo

São Paulo is known to receive all kinds of public and pets are not off this list. The pets can count on accommodations with comfort, walks, food and attention that only a receptive city like São Paulo can offer.

Restaurants, parks, shopping malls and hotels are especially prepared to receive animals and their owners, offering special services to please the four-legged clientele. It features even pet stops, special menus, pampering and spas. Check it out:

Parks and squares

One of the best options for walking with your pet is certainly the city parks. With space for walking, jogging and playing, the areas are always attended by four-legged companions and their owners. Trianon Park offers a green space in the traditional Paulista Avenue. There you can enjoy nature sounds in the heart of the city.

In the neighborhood of Higienópolis, Buenos Aires Park has great diversity of bird species and vegetation, water fountains for dogs and plastic bags available. The animals have good space to run and there are fences where it is possible to let the dogs out.


One of the most famous of the city, Ibirapuera Park has many activities and a structure to receive all kinds of public. Its area covers around 1.5 million m², filled with space for events and exhibitions that take place throughout the year. In addition to permanent activities, the park receives a diverse programming that may include participation of dogs.

Praça Roosevelt (Roosevelt Square), located between Avenida Consolação and Rua Augusta, has a space built especially for pets. The “cachorródromo” (“dog circuit”) features a water fountain in an exclusive green area for animals and owners.

Villa-Lobos Park is also known for its structure to frequently receive canine friends. The area has more than 700,000 m ² and include bike lanes, courts and fields for a full ride.

Paulista Avenue. Photo: Marcelo Iha/ SPTuris

Bars and restaurants

Paris 6 is a cafe and bistro that works 24/7 and is very receptive to canines. The place is home to several cultural manifestations such as film, theater and music projects, with a cozy Parisian decoration. The French specialties on the menu receive celebrity names, with various portions, starters and hot dishes.

For those who want a break on a walk with the pet through the city streets, several cafes allow animals. The franchises of Fran’s Café, scattered by the main points of the city are known for their receptivity to pets. Octavio Café, in Itaim Bibi, also opens its doors to owners and dogs up to 10 kg. In a cup-shaped building, the cafe offers luxury decoration and coffee grown in a farm of its own brand.

If the pet is also hungry, Brado Restaurante in Pinheiros has a special treatment for them. The restaurant serves steak snacks and water to the animal at no cost, while the meal is served to the dog’s owner. Located in Pinheiros, the establishment works in a mansion built in the 1950s, keeping its original structure, and opens daily until midnight (except on Sundays).

Brado Restaurant

The pet-themed Casa da Maria Madalena, also in Pinheiros, is known for welcoming animals. In a tribute to the owner’s female dog, the place offers dishes from Spanish and Brazilian cuisine. The decoration is entirely canine, with panels and images. In the course of the week, a varied musical programming promises to liven up your meals.

Pátio Higienópolis Mall is a canine point of the city. It features informational posters for safety of pets in escalators, for example. The place also offers bags to collect dog waste, but if the animal has to go inside the mall, just talk to an employee and they will quickly call a cleaning agent. If you want to enjoy a movie or a meal at the food court, just leave them for a few hours in the dog stop while strolling through the shops with more tranquility.

Frei Caneca Mall, in the region of Avenida Paulista, allows the entrance of small animals, except in the food court. It is common to find residents walking their pets in the place, which also receives fairs and events.

Those who prefer options on Avenida Paulista can enjoy the malls Pátio Paulista and Center 3 that also allow animals. Center 3 also has a pet shop to supply pet care products.

In addition to these, the animals are welcome in several shopping malls in the capital, except in the food court: Bourbon Shopping, Shopping Center 3, Shopping Cidade Jardim, Shopping Eldorado, Shopping Villa-Lobos and Shopping Iguatemi (except on weekends, when the pets must be carried on the lap). In the shopping malls Anália Franco, Center Norte and Light, the entrance of small pets is allowed (up to 10 kg on average).

The city still offers various specific spaces for pets, with specialized stores spread across all regions. One of the places best known for its variety of products is Petz, with several units that sell pet feeds and snacks, toys, cleaning and health products, among other necessary resources to take better care of animals. The main unit is located in an important part of the city and in addition to being easily accessible, offers home delivery.

If your pet has any health problems, it’s easy to find a veterinary clinic in town. Many of these clinics work in regular hours during the week and offer 24/7 on-call service for emergencies. One of them is the veterinary center Pet Care, which serves in three units, in Ibirapuera, Morumbi and Pacaembu. The place works as a hospital, with a surgical center, structure for various examinations and even hospitalization. Also, Morumbi unit offers hotel service for dogs and cats, with spaces carefully designed to care for animals and offer them comfort and safety.

Zoovet, in Vila Mariana, works 24/7 too, both in the clinic and at home. In addition to providing structure for various examinations, the place features services of groomers and pet care products as well.

If you need to take the animal somewhere far away and you don’t have a car, there are companies specialized in “pet taxi”, which use transport boxes and bigger cars to accommodate pets and their owners. The price can be calculated in advance, according to the distance to be traveled, also covering farther distances, such as trips to other cities. Donna Cachorra, for example, provides the service with different sized boxes for transporting animals of all sizes.

Many hotels accept that its guests bring animals to stay with them. Special policies vary, as the maximum size accepted, daily rates, cleaning services and care that can be included. However, for those who want the pet to have a memorable trip, there are hotels only for animals, with daycare and spa.

At Planet Dog Resort, dogs can spend all day playing in local areas. With uninterrupted monitoring of trained professionals, the animals are free to move and play and are entitled to use a pool, also supervised by veterinarians. The owners can check the treatment through cameras installed with online access. Those who want to leave the dog for a few days can opt for the hotel, which offers the same services. For a routine with more exercises, pets can stay in the spa that assists in weight loss for chubby animals. For all options, it offers transport services to certain areas of the city, upon request.

Cãominhando also serves as a daycare and hotel for animals. In the daycare, besides keeping pets in constant exercise, group behavior and social skills are taught, as well as discipline and boundaries for a good coexistence with other animals. All activities have full monitoring of veterinarians with experience to act in case of any strange behavior. The place offers accommodation for both dogs and cats, with appropriate spaces for the needs of each one. Other services can be hired, such as dog-walking, training, spa and pet sitter, a nanny who takes care of the animal at home.

With so much equipment prepared to receive the four-legged companions, the pet way of life is already installed in the city of São Paulo. Living together with animals makes routine in São Paulo much more fun.


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