On a wooden table, to the left, a basket with potato loaves and another with biscuits covered with guava jam. In the center, a white tea pot, a basket of cupcakes and a large chocolate covered cake with cherries. To the right, a white plate with a slice of chocolate cake and two white cups full of tea.

There are 3.2 thousand bakeries in the city, producing 10.4 million buns per day, 7.2 thousand per minute.

São Paulo could be named the bread capital. That’s right! There are 3.2 thousand bakeries in the city, producing 10.4 million buns per day, 7.2 thousand per minute. There are so many options of places to savor delights far beyond coffee and French bread.

The Benjamin Abrahão bakery has several shops spread within universities, but to sit and relax you can visit the modern Jardins store or the traditional branch of Higienópolis. The classics of the establishment are the croissants, especially the ham croissant accompanied with coffee or juice.

Located on Haddock Lobo Street, the Bella Paulista bakery has a winery and pizzeria. It offers a breakfast buffet with various breads and cakes, and a 24-hour delivery service.

The PÃO – Padaria Artesanal Orgânica bakery is the first organic bakery in São Paulo. Located in Jardins, it offers the famous Belgian chocolate cake 70% cocoa and green salad with edible flowers, which is prepared in the shop daily.

An exotic option is Bakery Itiriki. Located in the Liberdade neighborhood, it offers more than 500 options of Asian, Brazilian and European delicacies. You should try a kare pan (curry bread, stuffed with potato, carrot and chicken) accompanied with pobá juice and green tea cake as a dessert!

Image in close up. Various types and sizes of breads.

Bread. Image: Iracema Pães e Doces/ disclosure.

Open 24 hours a day, except on Sundays when it closes at midnight, the Iracema Pães e Doces bakery offers a food court, wine cellar with fine wines, self-service, soup buffet, breakfast buffets, lunch and dinner and pizzas baked in a wood oven!


Padaria Bella Paulista
Address: Haddock Lobo Street, 354 – Cerqueira Cesar
Phone: (11) 3214-3347 / (11) 3129-8340

Padaria Benjamin Abraão
Address: Maranhão Street, 220 – Higienópolis
Phone: (11) 3120-8070 / (11) 3258-1855

PÃO – Padaria Artesanal Orgânica
Address: Bela Cintra Street, 1618 – Jardins (check for other units at the website)
Phone: (11) 2193-2116

Bakery Itiriki
Address: Rua dos Estudantes, 24 – Liberdade
Phone: (11) 3277-4939

Iracema Pães e Doces
Address: Avenida Angélica, 101 – Santa Cecília
Phone: (11) 3660-4444

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