Exploring São Paulo on a bike

Leisure bikelane passes by places like Viaduto do Chá. Photo: José Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

In recent years, more and more people have been using bikes as an option of transportation, leisure and sport. Getting to know a city on two wheels allows the individual to perceive every detail on the way, discover interesting unknown places on the streets and have closer contact with people, interacting with everyone.

In São Paulo, a great option for those who want to start pedalling is to use the leisure bikelanes, temporary exclusive tracks for bicycles that work every Sunday and national holidays, from 7 am to 6 pm. Currently, there are six segments distributed in all regions of São Paulo – for example, passing by the historic downtown, and parks such as Parque do Povo, Ibirapuera and Villa-Lobos, or around the dam Represa do Guarapiranga and the motorsport circuit Autódromo de Interlagos, both in the southern region.

According to the President of São Paulo Turismo (SPTuris, municipal company of tourism and events), Marcelo Rehder, this initiative of the Municipal Government brought many benefits to paulistanos and tourists. “Both visitors from abroad and those people who live in the city can enjoy a safe and pleasant ride with family and friends on the leisure bikelane.”

In addition to this structure, there are also bike routes spread over some districts of São Paulo, which are permanent paths and usually shared with vehicles. These paths are in quieter and lower speed streets, safer for cyclists, in regions such as Lapa, Moema, Brooklyn and Vila Mariana.

The website has maps of the cycling infrastructure and attractions of interest to visit by bike, as well as indication of parks where you can pedal, tips and other interesting topics on bike.

Recently, bike stands in the metro reopened for those who want to park one. There are many stations in the city that offer this service. More information at:  metro.sp.gov.br/sua-viagem/bicicletas/bicicletarios.aspx



In São Paulo there are several unique initiatives that were originated from the bike universe. Learn a bit more about these creative projects:


This date is defined as an “organized coincidence” of cyclists who gather every last Friday of each month at Praça do Ciclista (Biker Square) to pedal around São Paulo. The route is defined by participants at the moment of the gathering and there are no leaders or organizers. The goal is to celebrate the bike culture and, at the same time, claim more space to this kind of transport.

Bike Anjo

Do you want to learn how to ride a bike? Or do you already know how to balance on two wheels, but don’t feel safe going out on the street? Then call a “bike Angel”, group of volunteer cyclists who already have some experience of riding a bike in the city and also teach those who don’t know yet.



For women wishing to join other girls to pedal, this feminine collective of cyclists is the right group. In addition to rides every first Saturday of the month, they promote other events and debates about the fact that being a woman and cycling are not synonymous of fragility.

Mão na Roda

Lots of people have a bike, but it stood still for a while and needs fixing. How about taking it to a community workshop and fix it yourself? This is the essence of the project Mão na roda, “collective learning space and bicycle maintenance practice”, in the website description. With free entrance to anyone interested, the workshop takes place every Thursday evening in Vila Madalena, and on Saturdays, in CCJ-Centro Cultural da Juventude, in the northern region.

Las Magrelas e o Gangorra

A mix of bar, bicycle shop and collaborative space for discussion, the two projects occupy the same space in a house in Vila Madalena. In addition to bicycle maintenance, the place offers special beers and vegetarian food options. There are also artistic activities programming such as art exhibition, movies and debates on urban mobility and quality of life in São Paulo.

Non-profit organizations

To dialogue with the Government about mobility issues, two organizations operate in São Paulo focusing on the theme that involves bicycles: Ciclocidade – Associação dos Ciclistas Urbanos de São Paulo (Association of Urban Cyclists of São Paulo) and Instituto CicloBR.

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