Try new ways of getting to know São Paulo

Theatro Municipal. Photo: Jefferson Pancieri/SPTuris.

São Paulo is a diverse city, with bustling nightlife, hundreds of cultural options, bringing together in one place attractions for all kinds of tastes, budgets and people.

To see all of this in a new way, check out unusual thematic itineraries, and some traditional ones, and get to know what is best in the city.

For those who like to walk, São Paulo Free Walking Tour is a free tour that takes people on foot to see traditional touristic points of the city. There are two itinerary options: Old Downtown, which passes by more than ten attractions of the historic downtown, and the Paulista Ave, which also passes by more than ten attractions around the most famous Avenue in São Paulo.

Another way to get to know the city on foot is Caminhada Noturna pelo Centro (“Night walk by the Downtown”), which starts every Thursday in the front of Theatro Municipal of São Paulo and every walk has a theme exploring different historical aspects of the city – for instance, the walk of “186 anos da Fundação dos Cursos Jurídicos no Brasil” (186th anniversary of Law Courses in Brazil) or the “Presença Italiana no Centro de São Paulo” (Italian presence in the São Paulo downtown).

When it comes to food, there are several ways to experience the diverse cuisine that São Paulo offers, some establishments offer tours that help explore, in a single day, different flavors of the city.

Museu Afro Brasil. Photo: José Cordeiro/SPTuris.

Inaugurated on July 20th, Sweet Flavor Tour offers itineraries through the main gastronomic centers of São Paulo. Divided by flavors, the tours are: “Sweet Flavor Tour” focusing on establishments specialized in sweets and desserts, and the “Gourmet Flavor Tour” focusing on gourmet restaurants.

MASP. Photo: José Cordeiro/SPTuris.

For those who like to enjoy beers from different nationalities, there is the Sampa Beer Tour, which features an itinerary through bars and restaurants of São Paulo. Participants of the event will be accompanied by a beer sommelier and will also sample different snacks from the bars to lessen the alcohol effects. The tour costs R$ 165.

Party-goers also have a tour option. Bringing together people from all over the world, Pub Crawl performs itineraries on Rua Augusta and Vila Madalena, bohemian places of the city. The tours gather up to 100 people a day, the cost is R$ 40 for women and R$ 60 for men.

For traditional people, who like to explore the city on their own, it is possible to purchase many itineraries, whether printed or in PDF file, showing new ways to see São Paulo.

Among the thematic itineraries are Arquitetura pelo Centro Histórico (Architecture through the historic downtown),O café e a história da cidade(Coffee and the city history), “Mirantes” tour (Viewing spots tour), Arte Urbana” (Urban art)Afro, Independência” (Independence), “Cidade Criativa”(Creative city), “Futebol” (Soccer), “Faces”, “Polo de Ecoturismo de São Paulo” (Ecotourism zone of São Paulo), “Geek”, “Zona Leste” (East Side) and “Fé e Espiritualidade” (Faith ans Spirituality)

For you not to get lost, there are seven maps separated by region that contain information about touristic points and itineraries in the surrounding areas. The options are “Pinheiros and Vila Madalena”“Ipiranga and Vila Mariana”“Santana, Pacaembu and Higienópolis”“Morumbi, Butantã and USP” “Paulista and Ibirapuera”, “Centro and Bom Retiro”, in addition to the general map of São Paulo city.

Receptive tourism agencies

Private companies help tourists with their trips, from the boarding in their state/country to their destination, stay and return travel. These companies usually offer travel package deals at more attractive prices.

Check out a list with a few travel agencies:

Andanças Viagens & Turismo
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City Tour

Around SP
+55 (11) 2361-6821
Cultural Tourism

Blue Turismo Receptivo
+55 (11) 2086-9900




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