Choose the ideal hostel to stay in São Paulo

Alice Hostel. Photo: publicity

Well located, with good facilities and, most importantly, affordable, hostels have become the choice of lodging for the tourists who come to São Paulo. Currently, there are more than 60 throughout the city.

With various prices, structures and addresses, there are functional spaces near hospitals, and even real nightclubs for the liveliest. Here a list of hostels that will help you to choose which one matches your taste and interests.


Alice Hostel – Grandma’s house

The aim is to take you to a cozy and well cared house, typical of our grannies. Installed at the former grandma’s house of one of the owners, there is a garden in the backyard, with trees and birds.

Bee W. Hostel Bar – Sustainability

Terrace with rustic wooden floors. To the left, a man in black clothes holds several golden balloons; bench made with wooden slats, yellow seat with 3 blue and yellow cushions. In the center, small garden with foliage and shrubs; Rustic wooden raised deck with an octagonal hot tub filled with yellow polka dots. To the right, several golden balloons attached to a side railing. Below, 2 boxes, one blue another red, full of yellow balls, beach chair with colorful stripes. In the background, part of the side of a yellow house with reddish-brown tiles and 3 metal chimneys; part of the side of a gray building with wide horizontal windows from end to end.

Bee W. Hostel. Photo: publicity.

Following the concepts of sustainability, there are many glazed areas to make good use of natural light. The pieces used as decoration have a sustainable source, recycled or reused in some way. In addition, two Muzzicycle bikes – made of PET – are at guests’ disposal and also for sale.

On the top floor there is a solarium with a green roof, which helps to cool down the environment and also create a beautiful and pleasant area.

Still in the solarium, there is a small vegetable garden, cultivated and used by the hostel bar, and a warehouse where the organic waste is processed, transformed into grass fertilizer in a composting process. Practical and sustainable!

Hostel Pauliceia – Mário de Andrade and his hometown

All references in Pauliceia mention São Paulo and the Brazilian poet Mário de Andrade. In the cozy bar, a mosaic with tricolored pieces reminds us the cover of Mário de Andrade’s book, Pauliceia Desvairada (Hallucinated City) published in 1922. The rooms were given names and decoration in honor of São Paulo neighborhoods, such as Anhangabaú, Bixiga, Liberdade and Ibirapuera.

Vila Rock Hostel – Rock’n’Roll, Baby

Room with several tables and black wooden chairs to the right and, on the left, two people play on a pool table.

Vila Rock Hostel. Photo: publicity.

A hostel dedicated to Rock and Roll lovers. All the details won’t let you forget that you are on a place dedicated to this musical style.

All rooms have names, decoration and paintings of rock icons known by the general public. The hostel has also some exclusive services, such as “roteiro bar” (Bar tour) suggested by the owners, where you can watch live rock performances.


Alice Hostel
Address: Rua Harmonia, 1275 – Vila Madalena – Zona Oeste – São Paulo.
Phone: (11) 2594-3676.

Bee W. Hostel Bar 

Address: Rua Haddock Lobo, 167 – Bela Vista – São Paulo.
Phone: (11) 4327-9222.

Vila Rock Hostel 
Address: Rua Cardoso de Almeida, 2277 – Sumaré – São Paulo.
Phone: (11) 4371-7333.

Hostel Pauliceia

Address: Rua Herculano de Freitas, 250 – Bela Vista – São Paulo.
Phone: (11) 2503-2773.

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