Driving Experience

Featured image of 2 luxury cars. On the left, 1 Blue Mini Cooper with black top. On the right, a yellow, convertible Corvette. Behind, the facade of a store with two large windows. On the top, on a black background, on the left side is written in large yellow letters "T2A" and, on the right, in smaller white letters "Premium Vehicle Rent".

Corvette, one of the cars provided by the rental company. Photo: T2A Clube/ publicity.

A driving experience, already famous in the United States and Europe, can now be enjoyed in São Paulo.

This was an initiative from T2A Clube, a sports car rental company and the first club of “exotic” cars aimed at rental, entertainment and experiences.

Pretty new in Brazil, Driving Experience happens as it follows: the costumer chooses one or more cars he/she would like to drive, schedules date and time and drives off Rodovia dos Imigrantes (Imigrantes Highway).

Featured picture, a red Ford Mustang with black stripes on the hood and the roof. Behind, facade of a store with a large window.

A mustang that can be driven at Driving Experience. Photo: T2A Clube/ publicity.

The advantage of this service are the cars offered by the company: CamarosMustangsChallengersCorvettes, Cadillacs, as well as the highly desired Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Moreover, the clients may rent the fastest and most desired cars in the world.

The routes can have 10, 20, 28 or 50 km and both the exit as the arrival for the tour take place at the company’s headquarters in the South region of the capital.

The tour is followed by an instructor who gives information on the route and features of each vehicle.

The experience is certainly unique and exciting for the fans of the world’s most famous brands.

In addition to Driving Experience, the fleet is available for events such as weddings and sweet fifteen parties, corporative events and promotional activities.


T2A Clube
Address: Av. Professor Abraão de Morais, 1185 – Bosque da Saúde – Zona Sul – São Paulo.
Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Phone: (11) 3485-6888.

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