Curious facts about São Paulo

Night photo, from the top, from a huge, brightly lit square, between large commercial buildings. In the center, a wide, long alley full of people, lit by red lights. On both sides and along the whole way, extensive lawns with many trees of varied sizes.

Virada Cultural. Photo: Caio Silveira/SPTuris.

Do you want to know some facts, tips and idiosyncrasies of the city of São Paulo? See below the list we prepared for you and enjoy!


– Where Brazil meets the world and where the world meets Brazil.
-The city where culture is the main aspect.

On a red and white plaid tablecloth, a white plate with 2 pastels, one on top of the other. The top one is split in half, exposing its stuffing of ground beef and olives.

Pastel da Maria. Photo: Caio Silveira/SPTuris.


– Ordering a “média com pão na chapa” (coffee with milk and a toasted buttered bread) at a bakery in the morning. You should try it!
– Enjoying the city during extended holidays, as it is practically deserted. Great opportunity to visit the attractions quietly, no traffic or crowded places etc. How about a picture of an empty famous avenue?
– Ordering a fresh beer and a pastel (a type of pasty) at bars.
– Riding a bike on bike lanes or going jogging on Minhocão viaduct on Sundays.
– Walking dogs at the mall or at parks with areas suitable for pets.
– Going to the Municipal Market and eating the sandwich with 500 grams of Brazilian mortadela.
– Ordering a pingado (coffee with a touch of milk) at a bakery at any time of the day.
– Eating a pork sandwich after a football game, in front of the stadium.
– Eating feijoada on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
– Eating hot dogs or going to a 24-hour bakery after cool parties.

Closeup photo of a shelf full of miniatures of bicycles and motorcycles. On the right side, attached to the top, a small wooden puppet, with a red hat and blouse and green trousers.

MASP street market. Photo: Caio Silveira/SPTuris.


– We are the largest tourist destination in Brazil, with 12.5 million tourists per year.
– We have the biggest number of cultural attractions in South America, with 110 museums, 40 cultural centers, 80 libraries, 280 movie rooms and 160 theaters.
Our city has the highest number of hotels in South America, with 42000 rooms in 410 hotels.
– We are the largest Japanese, Lebanese and Italian city outside their home countries.
– We are one of the main gastronomic capitals of the world, with 12500 restaurants and 52 types of cuisine. We have DOM, the 6th best restaurant in the world.
– We are the largest health tourism destination in Brazil – which includes foreigners who come in search of good doctors with a more affordable price.

Pizza Cantina Speranza. Photo: Fabio Nunes.

– We love pizza and created the Pizza Day. It is easy to find delivery places at the corners of the city.
– We have about 60 commerce streets, ranging from electronics to chandeliers.
– We have some of the best nightclubs, including D-Edge, the 8th best in the world.
– Despite being a big city, São Paulo has indigenous villages in Environmental Preservation Areas, located in the extreme south of the city, which can be visited.
– There are more plays running here than in New York and three times more bookstores.
– We have all four seasons of the year in one day. It’s always a good idea to take a jacket and an umbrella with you.
– Our night hours are busy: there are restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and even gyms and courses that do not stop at dawn. It is a 24-hour city.
– In Paulista Avenue, the heart of the city, all tribes meet: skaters, bikers, roller skaters, Le Parkour enthusiasts, people singing, painting, protesting or selling handicraft and antiques.
– Paulista subway station is on Consolação Street and Consolação subway station is on Paulista Avenue.

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