Get to know São Paulo by metro

The largest metropolis in the southern hemisphere, São Paulo often scares those who doesn’t know it for being so big and superlative. But a second look is enough to see that all its attractions have easy access. And it is not different with some of its main attractions.

To make things easier, we listed 20 options of places that can be visited using only the subway network. It is not necessary to use a car, taxi or other means of transportation. Take your backpack and explore the capital by one of its nearly 60 subway stations. Check out our tips:

Tours using the line 1-Blue, running in a North and South direction and connecting the Tucuruvi neighborhood to Jabaquara neighborhood:
  1. Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo. Get off at Luz station and enjoy the temporary exhibitions of the museum such as Sean Scully’s. Moreover, Pinacoteca has a rich permanent collection.
  2. São Bento Monastery and Café Girondino. Get off at São Bento station to get to know one of the oldest places in the city, where the monks dwell and there is a beautiful church, masses with Gregorian chants, wonderful cakes and the oldest clock in São Paulo. Right in front of the Monastery is the famous Café Girondino. The café is at Boa Vista street and has three different spaces: snack bar and café, bar and restaurant.

    Image in close up. Cup of medium size, all glass transparent and full of coffee with milk. On the surface, on a thick clear foam, a stylized drawing made with fillets of light and dark chocolate. On the left side, a small sugar bowl all white.

    A break for coffee at Café Girondino. Photo: Café Girondino/publicity.

  3. 25 de Março street. São Bento station also gives access to 25 de Março street, famous for street trading and products at popular prices.

    Image from the top of a popular shopping street, surrounded by numerous buildings with shops on the ground floor. In the center is a street divided between vehicles and dozens of blue canvas stalls filled with varied merchandise, side by side alongside the sidewalks where hundreds of people walk.

    Rua 25 de Março. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

  4. São Paulo Municipal Market.The tour in the surroundings of São Bento station may extend to the famous Mercadão. Visitors will find a gastronomic variety and irresistible flavors such as the Brazilian mortadela sandwich.
  5. Messias Antique Bookshop.One of the most famous and traditional used-books stores in São Paulo is located in the city downtown. The store has a rich collection of books, tapes, DVDs, CDs and LPs. You can go by subway getting off at Sé station.
  6. Sé Cathedral. One of the most famous attractions of the capital is located near Sé subway station and is the most famous gothic-style cathedral in the country.

    In the foreground, on both sides of the image, a row with very high imperial palms. In the center and in the background, cathedral neogothic style in shades of light gray. The facade, with a main portal and a large rose window, is flanked by two tall towers, both with a pointed ceiling, light green and very high.

    Catedral da Sé. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

  7. São Paulo Zoo. If you get at the Blue Line final station, Jabaquara station, you can take a bus to São Paulo Zoo, which has more than three thousand animal species, including mammals, reptiles, birds, forest animals, amphibians and invertebrates.

Attractions with access by line 2 – Green, which includes the most famous avenue in São Paulo, Avenida Paulista, and connects Vila Madalena station to Vila Prudente station.

  1. Museu de Arte de São Paulo (Masp – São Paulo Museum of Art).Near the Trianon-Masp station or Brigadeiro station, the famous museum of the capital has permanent exhibitions and others temporary such as “Brazilian Art in the 20th century”.
  2. Reserva Cultural and Gazeta Theater. If you go by subway to Trianon-Masp station, you can also go to Reserva Cultural, which offers a program of alternative films. In the same building is the Gazeta Theater, which offers a program of plays and stand-up comedy.
  3. Trianon Park. This park is near Trianon-Masp station. The woody surroundings make the tour more relaxing.

    Interior image of a large park on a very sunny day. In the center are white pebble-paved boulevards where some wooden benches are laid out, where some people are seated and others are walking. Around, well-enclosed forest with shrubs and trees of various sizes, cast a shadow over the place.

    Parque Tenente Siqueira Campos – Trianon. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris

  4. Augusta Street Bars. Does your trip need some excitement? Get off at Consolação station and walk down Augusta street. Famous bars are guaranteed to provide you with a busy and fun night. Comedians, for instance, is a stand-up comedy club located in the neighborhood.
  5. Conjunto Nacional. Next to Consolação station, you will find in this building a cinema, Livraria Cultura bookstore, shops, temporary fairs and Eva Herz theater, with amazing and inexpensive plays.
  6. Museu do Futebol (Football Museum). To get to the Football Museum, you have to get off at Clínicas station and walk down Doutor Arnaldo avenue, where there are three buses that go to Pacaembu avenue.

    Location in low light. Dozens of video monitors arranged in 4 columns from floor to ceiling, display different scenes about soccer. To the left, on a black floor, a Rubber Tactile Flooring for the blind stretches along the hall.

    Museu do Futebol. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

Tour itineraries using line 3-Red, which connects the East and West sides
  1. Parque da Água Branca.You must get off at Barra Funda station to get to the park with of a lot of green areas and leisure spaces.
  2. Memorial da América Latina (Latin America Memorial). At Barra Funda station you can also visit the Latin America Memorial. Its structure comprises a library, galleries, an auditorium and its collections.

    Over a large concrete-paneled area to the right stands a large one-hand sculpture with its fingers wide open, also in concrete, casting a long shadow over the floor on a sunny afternoon with very blue cloudless sky . In the far corner, in the left, two white one-storey buildings, quite long, with bold architectural forms, in tubular form.

    Memorial da America Latina. Foto: Caio Pimenta/ SPTuris.

  3. Sesc Belenzinho.Visitors have access to leisure and culture activities at affordable prices and many of them are for free. The building comprises a theater, a restaurant, a library, show rooms and a space for kids. To get there the nearest subway station is Belém.

Tours with access through line 4-Yellow, from Luz to Butantã stations:

  1. Butantan Food Park. This place gathers a variety of food trucks, the new gastronomic trend. Get off at Butantã station.
  2. Tomie Ohtake Institute.Get off at Faria Lima station and enjoy the cultural programming of the institute.

    Inside photo of a large hall with 2 floors on the right side, where some people circulate. The central part has a single floor with a very high roof, formed by several white tubular structures side by side and semi transparent white cover through which the daylight passes. Gray concrete floor where several people circulate, with a staircase of 3 tosses of stylized shape in the background. To the right, on the ground level, black wall with 3 large pass doors. Above, on the level of the 2nd floor, large wall and quite fulfilled wine color.

    Instituto Tomie Ohtake. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris

  3. Sesc Pinheiros. As its name suggests, it is located near the Pinheiros subway station. There visitors will find theater, cinema, literature, sports, physical activities and a vast cultural program.
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