Baixo Augusta

According to American network CNN and National Geographic, the night in Sao Paulo is the fourth best among all capitals of the world. And part of that is due to one region, near Avenida Paulista, called Baixo Augusta [Lower Augusta] – which encompasses part of Rua Augusta and the surrounding area. Filled with restaurants, cinemas, theatres, shops, bars, nightclubs and food trucks; life in this neighborhood is pretty hectic, especially at night.

The place is a haven of a diversity of urban tribes, and there are options for all profiles. If you are hipster or punk, if you like rock or pagode[1], if you are vegetarian or gourmand, if you enjoy drinking good beer, skateboarding, eating hamburger or if you are in the mood for samba… Your place is Augusta.

It is hard to choose what to do with so many attractions. So, check out a list with some of the coolest places to hang out, from the boteco[2] to the fern bar, from the underground to the most popular nightclubs.

[1] A subgenre of samba

[2] Brazilian dive bar

Alley surrounded by high walls with multicolored graffiti and covered by dozens of small multicolored flags. Inside, people are circling between stalls for food and drink.

Calçadão Urbanoide. Foto: divulgação.

If you get hungry, in addition to numerous restaurants — some are open until dawn as O Pedaço da Pizza – the region also features Calçadão Urbanoide. It is a place full of food trucks and tents selling different types of food and drinks, with tables to accommodate the hungry ones in town.

Ambient with light amena. In the center, a small dark wooden counter, where a bartender works. To the right, on an apparent brick wall, some shelves with bottles of assorted drinks. On the ceiling, a metal frame with several dimly lit lamps.

Igrejinha Bar. Foto: divulgação.

Inaugurated in 2012, with an unpretentious atmosphere and alternative clientele, the bar Igrejinha is decorated with Bonfim wish ribbons, old sofas, rugs and images of saints. Open from Thursday to Sunday, indie rock plays during the nights in the establishment. Among the drinks served, there are traditional ones like cosmopolitan, mojito, gin fizz and caipirinha, and also the House specials, like afrodite, made with gin, violet flavouring and lemon twist.

Outlaws is a music hall with refined decoration, 1000 square meters, capacity of 800 people and plays mainly pagode, sertanejo[1] and Brazilian funk. Downstairs, there is a dance floor, two box seats, a bar coated in velvet and a seven-meter-long stage. The VIP area is located upstairs, with a bar and a mini dance floor.

The club Le Revê invites its customers to enter a world of magic and dreams. Located where formerly stood a landmarked mansion, the club was designed to keep the 20th century construction characteristics. The glamorous space features bars on the dance floor, on the top floor and in the VIP area, and also a cloakroom with lockers and an interactive DJ booth playing 90’s and contemporary house music hits.

Trying to please all audiences, Tubaína bar was the first to receive the Sustainable Restaurant Seal: most of the furniture is reused in retro style, in addition to using rainwater for non-drinkable purposes. The menu has vegetarian and vegan options, such as fusilli puttanesca, penne al sugo, pumpkin stew, caponata sandwich with banana chips, bean soup, among others. The drinks menu offers over 20 soft drink labels produced in cities of the interior of Sao Paulo state, which are used in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Assembled where formerly was the first butcher shop of Rua Augusta, the Z Carniceria kept most decorative elements of the old slaughterhouse, like hooks, scales and rails. Supplemented with historical pieces of the street, the morbid atmosphere bar has classic boteco finger foods in different versions, as well as draught beer, national and international beers and drinks.

Mono Club has retro decoration, with a lounge in the lobby for those who want to try the appetizers on the menu, while listening to lounge music coming out of speakers installed inside old refrigerators. Right after the hallway, the client is the dance floor with video projections.

[1] Brazilian country music

Very long hall, with light brown walls, where several photographs are placed. Several wooden tables and chairs and some pinball machines are on site.

Rock’n’Roll Burger. Foto: divulgação.

One of the most famous hamburger restaurants in the city, the Rock ‘n Roll Burguer has 11 pinball machines and a pure rock and roll soundtrack. The menu has different types of burgers, some named after rock stars, and also drinks, beers, juices, milk shakes, and others.

With a cool decoration, pictures and posters on the walls, the bar Exquisito! attracts customers through music and Latin food, like churros and meatballs, besides Peruvian, Mexican and Bolivian dishes. On the drinks menu, draught and imported beers are included.

Grande salão com centenas de pessoas dançando e conversando. À esquerda, um DJ trabalha sobre um palco. No teto, uma grande armação com luzes multicoloridas e grandes caixas de som nas laterais.

Beco 203

Beco 203 is a good choice for those who like rock and are into alternative band gigs.  In Lab Club, parties are diverse and everyday there something different going on in the place.

2 rooms separated by a wall with large windows. On the left side, a very long empty hall, very dark and lit by blue lights. On the right side, bar with several people, all lit by red lights and oranges.

Lab Club. Foto: divulgação.

Whereas in Club Outs, the predominant rhythm is rock. The Inferno Club, besides contemporary national shows, it also provides space to famous bands and international DJs, an eclectic programming for the partygoers. Ballroom offers a space prepared to host parties and events such as weddings, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvah and, on Fridays and Saturdays it opens its doors to the public with music and performances.

Small place with soft lights. On the left side, a light wooden balcony with a thin tube of yellow light underneath. A bar with several dark shelves filled with bottles of drinks. On the right side, empty hall with multicolored walls.

Tex Redneck Bar. Foto: divulgação.

The multifaceted Tex Bar draws attention with all the possibilities it gives to its customers. Vitrine bar has ample space and is usually crowded on weekends by the audience who frequents the rock and electronic nightclubs of the region. Electronic beats involve the environment in the HotSeria! bar .

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