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Tourism Promotion and Events Company of the city of São Paulo, which administrates Anhembi and Autódromo de Interlagos.


For complaints or reports, it is necessary to get in contact with São Paulo Tourism Ombudsman, the phone number is +55 11 2226 0431, or by email [email protected].


Press requests can be addressed to [email protected] or calling +55 11 2226 0409.


Any of the website texts may be reproduced only if they have the Name of Author/SP Turis and the link to the website at the end of it, like this: Source:

SPTuris is not responsible for the change in service hours, entrance ticket prices or the closing of a facility or establishment.

SPTuris Social Networks

Any comment posted at any content of our pages is subject to evaluation and may be deleted, in case of:

  • Political content that goes against Brazilian legislation or that may be disrespectful, offensive or prejudicial;
  • Improper language;
  • Calumny, insult or defamation;
  • Bullying;
  • Commercial Ads.

The user may also be blocked.

 For the use of SPTuris Photos

Please be aware of the following conditions:

The attraction identification and authorial credit are in the file description, as in the example: Sambodromo_260712_Photo_JoseCordeiro_125, it is about an image of the Sambódromo of Anhembi an the credit: Photo: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris.

By accepting the terms of use here described, the user compromises itself to fully fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Available photos can only be used to promote the city of São Paulo.

1.1. It is explicitly forbidden the association of the available pictures to:

  • Alcoholic beverage, smoking and/or the usage of any drugs, legal or not;
  • Any sort of offense or social, racial, political, religious or ethnical discrimination;
  • Pornography or sexually explicit content;
  • Ideas and/or interests contrary to the ones of São Paulo Turismo and/or the São Paulo’s City Hall;
  • Deceiving or miraculous promises;
  • Any other symbol that may denigrate the image and/or reputation of São Paulo Turismo, São Paulo’s City Hall, as in the well-being of the city of São Paulo.

1.2. Images or texts may not be used over the available pictures of São Paulo.

  1. Regardless of the disclosure of the available photo, printed, digital or any other mean, it is mandatory for the photos to have copyright information, presenting with clarity and objectiveness the due credits along with the picture.

2.1. The available photos credits must have the following pattern: Name of the Photographer / SPTuris.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to make any commercialization of the available photos.
  1. It is strickly forbidden to modify the photos in a way that changes its original quality.

4.1. Changes in photos must occur only in case of needed dimensions adaptation so it fits an specific space, in a way that it is not uncharacterized.

  1. It is determined by the current term of use the election of the Comarca de São Paulo court, as competent to settle any controversy due to this Term of Use, regardless of any other, as privileged as it may be or can be.
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