Why should I visit São Paulo?

There are countless reasons to visit São Paulo. The city is among the worldwide capitals of luxury, entertainment and gastronomy. To visit São Paulo is to dive in an universe of different cultures, religions, tastes, glamour, refinement, agitation and an infinity of attractions that please even the most demanding visitor. Few cities of the world are as attractive for so many at the same time and São Paulo is one of them.

  • Fashion
  • Shopping
  • Trends
  • Gastronomy
  • Culture
  • Luxury
  • Business
  • Architecture
  • Health and Well-being
  • Night Clubs
How does it Work?

As the official tourism company of the City of São Paulo, SPTuris supports visits facilitating the intermediation of the requests among the members of the local productive chain, verifying the possibility to provide services to the needs of the visitors according to the rules and interests of the participant companies.

The goal is to use our contact network to establish a cooperation bond with the suppliers that are capable of funding part or the totality of the traveling expenses, such as: accommodation, food, transportation, entertainment, etc.

I want to join in!

If you are interested in making a technical visit to the city of São Paulo, subscribe to the program, filling in here the visit form.

We kindly ask that the form is filled and sent 3 months in advance from the visiting date because a shorter deadline may impact in the reach of our services.

Our staff will analyze your request and, shortly, we will be in contact.

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How can I get support in order to visit São Paulo city?

Travel professionals can get support through the Famtour program. A program in which São Paulo Turismo S/A supports your trip through the interaction with the tourism supply chain of São Paulo to subsidize part of your travel expenses. In this sense, travel expenses include lodging, food, transportation, entertainment, etc.

How should I proceed with my application?

In order to participate in the Famtours program you must fill out the visit application form that can be found on the website. It will be submitted to a committee formed by members of the various segments of the tourist activity in the city. As soon as the analysis of your requests is completed, you and / or your company will be informed if and in what way São Paulo Turismo, the official tourism agency of São Paulo city, will support your stay in São Paulo.


1 – Fill out the visit application form (next to these instructions) and send it;

2 – Await our reply! We will be delighted to show you our city!

You must fill out all the fields of the application form, so that the application can be analyzed. It is recommended that the form be completed and sent 3 months in advance of the visit date, once a shorter notice may affect the range of our service.

São Paulo Turismo will carefully evaluate all applications and will return them within five business days from the date of receipt.

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