Marina Person

I love Sesc. All of them! Each one has its special charm. Anchieta is where the theater in which I saw so many of Antunes’ plays, as well as from other directors, is located.
I’ve been going there since I was a teenager, it is where I saw
“Romeo and Juliet” eight times. Sesc Pompéia is always wonderful, with its architecture by Lina Bo Bardi, the taproom, and the auditorium with its two audiences.
Belenzinho counts with an outdoor swimming pool and large democratic spaces. Lately, I have also enjoyed the parklets, which make a very good use of the public space! I hope our city is increasingly overtook by them.

Upper part of the apparent brick facade belonging to an old factory. On the top, 2 large red ventilation tubes, curved downwards.

Sesc Pompéia. Foto: Caio Pimenta/ SPTuris.

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