Marc Tawil


My favorite place in São Paulo is the neighborhood where I’ve been living for 25 years, Higienópolis, in the central region. There are lots of trees, inviting you to stroll on foot, and it also concentrates several buildings designed by great architects. Higienópolis also houses three of my great passions: dogs, good restaurants and shops, and many cool stores, much like in a mall.


A city so universal as São Paulo asks, first thing in the morning, for an “Australian bread” with butter on the plate, along with orange juice and strengthened coffee in the Aracaju Bakery, located on the Maranhão street in Higienópolis. A few meters away is the charming Parque Buenos Aires, where you can walk and rest from the meal in the midst of sculptures and an abundant green. Once well fed and with an oxygenated brain, stretch the walk to one of the city’s heritage, the Paulo Machado de Carvalho Stadium, or Pacaembu, and take the opportunity to visit the Football Museum. If you are lucky enough to get the free fair in operation, enjoy the smells and flavors – you will pay nothing, but neither will you take anything (being pretty or not). Lunch options are many in São Paulo, but in the Jardins neighborhood they seem to multiply. Once there, go meet the mix of shops of the Oscar Freire Street, and grab a cup of coffee close by, at Santo Grão. At night, the bar of the Spot restaurant is always crowded with interesting people, and the dishes are equally delicious. If you have the time, close the night watching a good play in the traditional Teatro Augusta.

Trade street lined with designer shops on both sides. To the left, on a fairly wide sidewalk, flat and ornamented by some trees, several people walk, some carrying shopping bags. To the right, several cars travel down the street.

Rua Oscar Freire. Foto: Caio Pimenta/ SPTuris.

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