Diva Depressão


Our favorite tourist attraction on the weekends is the Paulista Avenue and the streets that cross it.


Masp is a great place for seeing exhibts, we are very involved with art so we are always there. Nearby there is a Starbucks coffee shop, which we also love, as it is an agreeable place that even allows us to even use the internet very quickly and, by the way: a lot of content from the Diva has been unpretentiously written into this coffee shop, we are loyal customers! The Shopping Center 3, also located in the Paulista Avenue, provides us with a wonderful fair that happens every Sunday and we’re always there, as there are cool stuff! There are craft, art, clothes, clothes, clothes, and more clothes! We simply adore it! Skipping to the Augusta Street, in it lower part, we love the restaurant and bar Ibotirama, where do you find the very best to eat!

Diagonal picture. All building in apparent concrete in the shape of a giant rectangular box. It has a thick slab of apparent cement across the top and a slightly thinner across the floor. It is all lined with innumerable long and narrow glass panels, bound by a large metal structure. This "box" (building) is suspended in the air, creating a free span of more than 70 meters in length by 18 meters in width and 6 meters in height, which extends under four huge red rectangular pillars. On the left side, several commercial buildings. To the front, part of the avenue with 2 lanes separated by a narrow sidewalk, where several cars travel.

Museu de Arte de São Paulo. Foto: Jose Cordeiro / SPTuris.

We also love two art and clothing galleries located in this region of Augusta, not to mention the Hamburgueria Augusta and Hot Dog Augusta… The Retrô beauty parlor, down the street, is our refuge for a moment of beauty, where we get out even more “DIVINE”, HAHAHAHAA. For a busier night, we couldn’t indicate more (and are always there) the A LOKA, a more intimate, but at the same time crowded, club, mainly on Saturdays, where the primary sound is MADONNA. This club is located on the Frei Caneca Street. The Frei Caneca mall is also a cool reference, they have all the stores we love and an Itaú cinema, which is where we go when we want to see new movies.

Image of the 2 artists from the neck up. The one on the left has a very thin mustache and beard, he wears a brown hat and pair of earrings. The one on the right has a dark mustache and goatee, wears glasses, a black hat, and a pair of earrings. Behind him, right next to his left shoulder, a very clear picture of the face of a blond woman with very red lips in a big smile, much like the actress Marilyn Monroe, gives the clear impression that she is real.

Diva Depressão, trazendo sua dose diária de recalque e rivotril. Foto: Divulgação Oficial.You don’t know the Diva Depressão Facebook page? What do you mean?! Access: facebook.com/DivaDepressão

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