Bruna Lombardi


Ibirapuera Park, Auditório (Auditorium), MAM, MAC, MASP, the Municipal Market, the Football Museum, the Liberdade neighborhood, the Municipal Theater. And I really like the sculpture by Brecheret, which is in front of the Ibirapuera Park. It translates São Paulo very well. Work here is a joined effort.

All white building, with a bold architectural form. It was built in a single block, which in plan is a trapeze and, in cut, a triangle. At the entrance to the auditorium, a work known as Blaze, similar to a tongue of fire that comes out of the main door, is striking. It is located on a large lawn surrounded by some medium-sized trees. All under a very blue sky without clouds.

Auditório Ibirapuera. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris


I believe that São Paulo has the best cultural itinerary of the country, again with an unbelievable diversity. Opera, hundreds of great plays, cinema, ballet, concerts, musicals, many performances, galleries, exhibits, thousands of bars, and excellent restaurants. There is so much going on here that it is impossible to keep track of everything. I advise visitors to plan in advance and in accordance with their interests. Everything you seek, you are definitely going to find out.

Image of the inner part of the auditorium. Below, hundreds of armchairs in red velvet upholstery, arranged in the audience in several rows. On the side, cabins with red and gold armchairs, salmon-colored walls and access doors covered by red curtains. Above, 3 mezzanines with cabins like the ones below, protected by railings, richly worked in gold and red handrails. Several sets of strong white light reflectors, attached to the base of the grids.

Theatro Municipal. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

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