Bruna Caram

I love the Center region.


Square table covered with towel and light blue napkins, silver cutlery, crystal bowls and a small vase with flowers in the center. On the sides, there are 2 light wooden chairs with braided straw back. Just behind, huge glass windows give panoramic views from the top of the city below with hundreds of buildings. Far away, a mountain chain, all under a cloudy sky.

Terraço Itália. Foto: divulgação.

The last time I had friends from out of town here, I loved acting as a tour guide of Sampa! We went to Parque da Água Branca, which is tiny but that I love and go to frequently. We then took the subway and went to the Center, we saw the Municipal Theatre (one of my favorite attractions) and went to Terraço Itália, which was open to visitors during the day (to my delight)! I love the Terraço, I have done shows there, and I think it is a must-see attraction! For the night, my favorite outing is going to the Ibirapuera Park by bike. i had a group of biker friends and every week we did it, it is wonderful to see the Park empty, the lights on the lake… Another outing I think it is wonderful is taking the subway to Estação Luz and going to the Pinacoteca do Estado to see the exhibits, the square, drink coffee…

Side facade of the Pinacoteca, all in apparent bricks. Large building with 2 floors with very high ceilings. On both floors, in the center, the walls are recessed forming a terrace supported by 3 pairs of columns. On the lower floor, a staircase in gray concrete with access on both sides, lead to a large entrance door, flanked by two other columns and, at the top, the word "PINACOTECA" is written in red.

Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris

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