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Popular market

Rua 25 de Março- São Paulo. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/SPTuris

The popular market in São Paulo has retail stores of clothing, gifts, fabrics, imported goods, among others, that attract thousands of people in search of product variety and new things at low prices, for both personal use or resale. A great advantage of shopping downtown is the large options in public transportation available.

One of the most popular regions in São Paulo is Rua 25 de Março and its area, at downtown, where you can find it all – from trinkets to silverware, from costume stores to home decoration articles and also electronics. It all comes with a price well below average. Daily, there are around 400 thousand people at the place in weekdays. In times next to festivities or holidays, like Christmas, this number can climb to over 1.2 million people. An imported products and general things paradise, it is the right place for more affordable shopping.

Near there, Bom Retiro is a neighborhood that is strong in the clothing market. Rua José Paulino and its surroundings focus on tailoring and women clothing stores, also for parties. In its showcases it is possible to find new trends of the fashion world at affordable and inviting prices.

On Brás, the streets Maria Marcolina and Oriente sell all kinds of clothing, and also bed sets and fabrics. On the same region, Feirinha da Madrugada attracts merchants and shoppers from all over the country, with over 2500 boxes of clothing, toys and accessories for cheap prices.

For those who want to escape the big crowds and have a little comfort, shopping at popular malls is a good option. Different from street markets, they have ATMs, bathrooms, indoors environment, escalators, restaurants, coffee shops and cafeterias. And for those who come a long way, All Brás and Total Brás have even bus parking spaces, dorms and resting rooms for guides and drivers.


Feirinha da Madrugada
Address: R. Monsenhor Andrade, 905 – Brás – Downtown – (near subway station Brás)
Working Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, from 12am to 4pm

Popular Malls

All Brás
Address: R. Rodrigues dos Santos, 91 – Brás – Downtown
Working Hours: Mondays to Fridays, from 2am to 4pm. Saturdays, from 2am to 2pm.
Phone: (+55 11) 3777 1537 or (+55 11) 2739 7000

Total Brás
Address: R. João Teodoro, 1200. Brás – Downtown
Working Hours: Mondays to Fridays, from 5am to 4pm. Saturdays, from 5am to 2pm.
Phone: (+55 11) 4373 7500


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