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Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts, antiques, decoration, collectibles and so much more! All this you find in São Paulo.  Sao Paulo is also known for its many arts and crafts fairs, which delight both tourists and local Paulistanos.  Among the most famous are the Benedito Calixto Fair, the Masp Fair, the Liberdade Fair and the Praça da República Fair.

MASP Antiques Fair. Photo: Caio Pimenta/SPTuris

The Masp Antiques Fair

The antiques fair at the Masp open-air space (São Paulo Art Museum) on Avenida Paulista is a local tradition. It gathers collectors from around the world and welcomes anyone looking for rarities, paintings, sculptures, lamps, chandeliers, old coins and house objects.

República Square Fair. Photo: Caio Pimenta/SPTuris

República Square Fair.

In República, the main attractions are paintings and drawings. Local artists create their masterpieces right there on-site. There are also handmade ornaments and dolls, clothing, costume jewelry and other items. Another big attraction is the food. Barbecues, sweets, pastries and Chilean empanadas are the most sought after.

The Benedito Calixto Fair

The most crowd-pleasing of the fairs, however, is that of Praça Benedito Calixto, in Pinheiros. Frequented by people from all walks of life– including artists and designers–it has around 300 vendors selling decorative items and antiques, as well as many other items such as vinyl records (LPs), crockery and rustic furniture.

Liberdade Fair

The Liberdade Fair, held in the square and neighborhood of the same name, offers a plethora of Japanese cuisine and handicrafts. Having been around for over thirty years, it has more than 200 stalls offering everything from costume jewelery to Japanese lamps, bonsai, aquarium fish and general trinkets, mostly oriental. The yakisoba and tempura shacks are also always in high demand.

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