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The View Bar

Foto: Divulgação.

The View

Located on the thirtieth floor of a high-rise building in Alameda Santos, The View offers a panoramic view of São Paulo. This cozy and pleasant spot has a lineup that includes live MPB, piano and guitar performances.

On the left, on a table light beige marble illuminated by a light bulb, 2 crystal glasses, one with red wine the other with white wine. On the left side a small transparent glass vase with yellow flowers. On the right side, a menu with a black cover and the words "The View Bar" printed with white letters. The table is leaning against a large glass window, where you can see from the top several buildings with lights on.

The View. Photo: advertisement.


On the menu, the house offers snacks and hot meals, as well as an exquisite wine and champagne menu. In the decoration, the large and comfortable armchairs contrast with the figures of skyscrapers framed on the walls. With giant floor-to-ceiling windows, The View is ideal for a two-person outing.

The View

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