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Templo - Bar

Foto: Caio Reis.

Templo Bar

Installed in a huge barn that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, in the neighborhood of Mooca, Templo is an unusual and curious place. Inspired by religious syncretism, the offbeat atmosphere is comprised of over 800 images of Christian, Umbanda, Hindu and Buddhist saints, some of them over two meters high.

Close-up image, several glasses of colorful Milk-shakes ornamented with chocolate sticks, on a round metal tray.

Templo Bar. Photo: advertisement.

The menu also makes allusions to religion, like the Despacho (roasted chicken with farofa and herbs) and the Iemanjá (large roasted prawns skewer). Under the gaze of baroque angels, church benches offer a place to rest in between songs, adjacent to the many tables spread out around the huge hall.

Saturday is the busiest day at Templo, when they host samba groups and serve hearty bowls of feijoada throughout the afternoon. The lineup is as eclectic as the decorations, from the backcountry love songs of sertanejo to electronic music. Happy Hour is from Wednesday to Friday after 5pm.

Templo – Bar da Fé

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