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Taverna Medieval

Foto: Divulgação.

Taverna Medieval

The hamburger restaurant Taverna Medieval is the new gathering place for medievalists. It is located in Vila Mariana neighborhood.

In a unique restaurant layout surrounded by objects from the Middle Ages—like the Viking boat parked beside the bar—typical food plates are served, and there is even an area set aside for game playing.

The food and drinks on the menu have fun names, like the drink Simple Peasant of Noble Heart Who Goes Everyday into the Forest to Collect Firewood, inspired by an episode of The Red Grasshopper.

The bar is decorated with glasses that resemble those of potions used in games. Customers can order a surprise drink, which consists of tossing a twenty-sided die and the resulting number corresponds to a drink on the menu.

Another big attraction here is the mead (made from honey, water and beer-yeast). The drink is of Irish and Nordic heritage, served as though it were the nectar of the gods and traditionally consumed by newlyweds during their first months together, hence the term honeymoon.

Viking boat at Taverna Medieval. Photo: adverstisement.


There are burgers for everyone’s taste. One is made with boar meat, with a 180 gram patty, caciovallo cheese, arugula and smoked red pepper relish on a house roll; or the elf, with a 160 gram vegan hamburger patty made of red rice and lentils, plus arugula, tomato and breaded tofu on a vegan bun.

The menu also has starters, such as the Glavax, a typical Viking dish consisting of a serving of cured salmon with dill sauce, served with traditional French fries.

Elf of the Forest, a vegetarian hamburger from the Taverna Medieval. Photo: adverstisement.


The servers are in full medieval costume and sometimes customers might even risk playing Rune Stones with them. Displayed on the walls are items from Scotland, the Templar Knights, Feudal Japan, the Vikings and other ancient places, all references to the same historical period.

The house also offers space for game playing like RPG and board games, with tables for D&D every Tuesday and Wednesday for beginners.

Taverna Medieval

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