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Tantra Restaurant is the only restaurant in Brazil specializing in Mongolian cuisine as well as various authentic Thai dishes. Some menu items include: Asian Tapas (shark carpaccio); Rota Asiática (Breaded Asian Shrimp with coconut); highly exotic or aphrodisiac dishes such as Mango Prawns–prawns flambéed with Absolut Mango, vegetables, mango and a mix of aphrodisiac herbs. Tantra has two locations in the city, in the South zone—Vila Olímpia; and in the East zone—Tatuapé.

Exotic and aphrodisiac dishes. Photo: Advertisement.


In addition, Tantra promotes live performances for its patrons’ enjoyment.

The most unusual of which is by Giselle Kenj, who performs exotic performances with Egyptian-inspired movements, bearing a sword and wrapped in a royal-python snake.

Tantra Restaurant. Photo: Tantra/ Advertisement.


Visitors who want to promote physical, mental and energetic balance can go for a quick massage, performed using Asian techniques. There are also tarot card readings and theater performances of the show “Misery”, which mixes circus arts, theater, dance and pyrophagy with lyre playing, cloth and trapeze.

For reservations, please visit our website through this link.

Tantra. Photo: advertisement.


Tantra Restaurant

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