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Skye Bar

Located on the top floor of Hotel Unique, Skye Bar is a world reference in modern and original design with striking and distinctive architecture designed by Ruy Ohtake. Located in one of the most elegant and noble areas of the capital, it offers distinguished table service for its clients.

Night shot. Hotel facade in light green color, all lit. Very large building with 9 floors and dozens of round windows. From the first floor, the front end is curved upward, giving the whole structure the shape of a large boat. Around, gardens all lit up with medium and small trees.

Skye Bar. Photo: advertisement.


The place also has a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, elected by The Most Perfect as having the most beautiful view of São Paulo, where it is possible to appreciate the beautiful view of Ibirapuera Park and region.

Night shot. Open area at the top of the hotel, all surrounded by glass walls, illuminated by spots of yellow lights. To the right, a very long rectangular swimming pool, reflects some outbreaks of red lights. To the left, some square and white structures with colorful candles lit in the center on a large wooden deck decorate the environment. In the background, city skyline all lit up.

Skye Bar. Photo: advertisement.


The bar space consists of a wooden deck decorated with puff chairs and large lounge chairs, as well as a reddish pool in the open lounge, one of its main attractions.


Skye Bar. Photo: advertisement.


It is located right beside Restaurante Skye, with their sophisticated decoration and typical Brazilian, French, Italian and Japanese dishes. In the bar, the bar food menu consists mainly of varieties of pizzas and sushi, while drinks range from common to the more exotic, such as blends of vodka with wasabi.

Both are run by Chef Emmanuel Bassoleil, French chef at the head of Unique’s hotel kitchen since its grand opening in 2002.

The atmosphere is relaxed and modern with a varied public from different nationalities and all ages, from younger crowds to couples.

Dinner plates are served in a nightclub atmosphere, with DJs getting starting at 9pm, and who mainly play electronic music.

Access is independent of the hotel entrance, by panoramic elevator. Those interested in getting to know the place should arrive early because it usually gets crowded on weekends.

Skye Bar e Restaurante

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