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Mocotó Bar e Restaurante

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With northeastern Brazil roots, Mocotó Bar and Restaurant is famous nationally and internationally for its unique dishes. Elected the 16th best restaurant in Latin America in “Latin America’s The 50 Best Restaurants 2013” by Restaurant Magazine, Mocotó preserves its simplicity to gain recognition for its dedication, talent and passion.

Since its opening in 1974 in Vila Medeiros, the restaurant was already a success from the get-go. Back then people kept coming in for the Mocotó broth, and to buy typical northeastern products at the emporium of the former Antiga Casa do Norte. As the number of customers grew, in 1979, a new branch was opened in front of the central shop. Then, in 1994, the emporium was closed in order for the owners to dedicate themselves exclusively to the restaurant.


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The meals are simply unforgettable The Escondidinho de carne-seca (Brazilian Dried Beef Casserole), the pork knee, the crackling pork strips and the white bean cakes stuffed with sausage and pork, breaded with crackling pork flour, are just a few examples of the delicious meals on the menu at Mocotó.

The owner, José Oliveira de Almeida, better known as “Seu Zé Almeida”, moved from the northeastern backlands to São Paulo at the age of 25. He worked in different areas until, in 1973, he opened a company with two brothers and set up the “Casa do Norte Irmãos Almeida” in Vila Aurora. A year later, he opened his own bar in Vila Medeiros.

His son, Rodrigo Oliveira, has been running Mocotó since 2004. Rodrigo dropped out of college and gave up his career in environmental engineering to devote himself to his true calling, gastronomy. Even though his son is chef and manager, Seu Zé Almeida still goes to Mocotó, handles the table service, washes dishes, assists the cooks and creates new recipes.

Mocotó Bar e Restaurante

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