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Foto: Divulgação.

Jet Lag Pub

Owner of the Rey Castro themed bars—a hot spot for Latin rhythms, and The Sailor— inspired by ships—Jet Lag Pub is focused on aviation.

Everything in the setting resembles an aircraft, from the waiters in Pan Am style uniforms and DJs playing music from a cockpit, interesting parts taken from old planes, to decoration of old route maps and dishes served on trolleys and trays from the now extinct Varig Airlines.

Close up photo. Several stylized fixtures - glass jars with a lamp lit inside and metal lid, hung side by side by a wire attached to the ceiling.

Jet Lag Pub. Photo: advertisement.


Access to the second floor of the pub via escalators.

The lineup is well diversified, including pop, rock and stand-up comedy performances.

Airline employees are given discounts.

Jet Lag Pub

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