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The Eataly food market network arrives in São Paulo with its first store in Latin America. With fifteen branches in Italy, nine in Japan, two in the United States, one in Dubai and another in Istanbul, the company brings its own concept of how to sell food.

In addition to a large variety of imported products, the brand invests in local products, produced by small farmers and that are of high quality. Divided into twenty-two departments, the store has seven thousand different products and follows the principle of selling everything that it cooks and cooks everything that it sells, thus ensuring not only the freshness of the dishes but also enables the customer to buy all the ingredients used and reproduce at home what they ate at the market.

To make things even easier, each department is positioned directly beside the next most similar one. Fruits, vegetables and salad greens are right next to each other, and so on—each restaurant is close to where its main ingredients are sold. In addition to buying all different types of food to take home and cook, the customers can choose one of the seven themed restaurants to dine at, such as Il Crudo, Le Verdure, La Piazza, La Carne, Il Pesce, La Pasta And La Pizza. And all this is in addition to the bars, cafes, ice cream shop, chocolate store and even a Nutella stand.  The restaurant La Carne is right beside the butcher’s shop.

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There are also five artisanal factories of breads, pastas, beer, deserts, and fresh mozzarella. In addition to all the eating and drinking, the project also invests in learning and educational activities. Courses are offered for this purpose. With a place for eighteen students, La Scuola is the market’s culinary school where tasting workshops are held. Here, learners meet with producers to share knowledge while other hands-on activities focused in the kitchen also take place.

The products sold at Eataly are a festival of colors. Photo: Marcelo Iha/ SPTuris.

Being one of the largest chains of its segment in Italy, the owners intend to expand their products around the world, establishing new partnerships in cities that appreciate good cuisine. Sao Paulo is such a town, which traditionally enjoys not only a good meal but is also very close to Italian culture and cuisine.

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Eataly São Paulo

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