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Dublin Live Music Bar

Foto: Divulgação.

Dublin Live Music

Happy hour is a strong tradition in São Paulo and Dublin Live Music brings some of Irish culture to the table.

Inspired by Irish pubs, the bar has a varied menu of beers, draft beer and whiskeys.

Sophisticated place. To the left, small square tables surrounded by stools, all in very dark brown wood, on a light wooden rustic floor. To the right, several chairs lined up side by side, next to a long wooden bar counter. In the background, from left to right, all in dark brown wood, 2 tall and wide cabinets with glass doors containing dozens of bottles and glasses of various sizes. Beside, a large mirror in a frame of the same wood and contours in gold.

Dublin Live Music Bar. Photo: advertisement.


The lineup is full of performances by live music bands who liven up the night. During Happy Hour, the bar offers VIP entrances and special discounts on the menu.

To celebrate birthdays at the pub, it’s necessary to provide a guest list in advance. Guests are also entitled discounts on the day.

From left to right, assorted beverage bottles on several shelves of a very tall cabinet with glass doors, all in very dark brown wood. Light wood bar counter with 5 draft beer towers, with varying shapes and sizes. On the background wall, painted light beige, drawings that refer to the navigations in the eighteenth century - an old caravel, nautical maps and the figure of 2 sailors smoking a pipe.

Dublin Live Music Bar. Photo: advertisement.


Dublin Live Music

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