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Coconut Brasil Bar e Karaokê

Foto: Divulgação.

Coconut Brasil

In addition to being a bar and restaurant, Coconut Brasil is a popular videoke venue for people to experience what it’s like to be a singer for one night. Located in the Santa Cecília neighborhood in the downtown area of São Paulo, the place has sixteen videoke rooms of varying sizes, with the capacity for twenty to one hundred people and a large repertoire of varied songs.

To the left, side by side, small round and red tables with chairs in dark wood. On the right, stuck in a red wall, a big Led TV, a big speaker and two great photographs of the famous TV presenter Hebe Camargo. In the background, bar with all black counter.

Coconut Brasil. Photo: advertisement.


With state-of-the-art technology, the environments are equipped with plasma TVs, microphones and sound equipment, as well as thematic rooms honoring different artists and personalities such as Hebe Camargo, Raul Gil and the more recently inaugurated room in tribute to gymnast Diego Hipólito.

With a total capacity of about two thousand people a day–reaching six thousand over the weekends–it is an ideal setting for a happy hour with colleagues, friends and family. You can even book a corporate New Year’s party with a total area of ​​two thousand square meters.

Very clear ambience, fairly high ceiling made with transparent plates. Several sets of small white and round tables with dark wooden chairs. On the left side, next to the wall, a large, long staircase leads upstairs. On the same wall, on top, are multicolored letters, which write the word "Coconut". In the background, bar with pink and black counter.

Coconut Brasil. Photo: advertisement.


The establishment has a varied menu ranging from skewers to soups, as well as a diversified beverage menu. The entrance fee is $20 to sing until your heart’s content. Table service operates from 5pm until the last customer has gone home. No extra service fees are charged whatsoever.  

Coconut Brasil celebrated its sixth year anniversary on November 25th, 2016 and is part of the Biroska Network, an entertainment and leisure group with fifty years of operation in its segment. The establishment is managed by Lilian Gonçalves, daughter of the eternal Nelson Gonçalves, with support by advertisement agency 5 Pilares.

Coconut Brasil

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