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Chácara Turma da Mônica

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The Monica’s Gang Ranch

The city’s first thematic restaurant of Monica’s Gang is fully in operation. Located in the neighborhood of Pinheiros, it has an ample green space with a variety of tropical plants and a lagoon. This establishment is the result of the partnership between the ranch Chácara Santa Cecilia and beloved cartoonist Maurício de Sousa.

It offers a large recreational area with a pleasant environment not just for kids, but adults as well.

The characters of Monica’s Gang are all here in the different thematic areas. There’s Smudge’s Workshop, which offers a schedule of monitored activities, and Monica’s Disco, where songs and live presentations are performed.

One popular attraction is the Poço dos Desejos (wishing well), located beside the Chico Bento lagoon, where each coin thrown in is worth a wish, and the amount collected is all donated to non-governmental charities that help needy children.

The restaurant serves special kids dishes such as French fries, chicken fingers and sandwiches, as well as the traditional à la carte menu, a variety of pizzas and also breakfast on Sundays and holidays.

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Chácara Turma da Mônica

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