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Cervejaria Nacional

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Cervejaria Nacional

On Rua Pedroso de Morais, one establishment stands out for its own production of draft beer and good appetizers served in a rustic atmosphere with a fraternizing atmosphere: Cervejaria Nacional.

Charming as it is being a glass building, the first three floors of the brewery allow visitors to become acquainted with the brewing industry. One can observe the fermentation tanks on the ground floor and check out the suspended platform loaded with sacks of malted grain. The bar is on the second floor, with an extensive seventeen-seat bar counter, ideal for a happy hour with friends.

With unique recipes composed of hops from four different countries and ten different types of malt, the Cervejaria Nacional has five exclusive draft beers: the Y-îara; Domina Pilsen, made of wheat, based on the German weiss; the Kurupira Brown Ale, amber colored with creamy foam; the Sa’si Stout, which, inspired by English tradition, oscillates between sweet and bitter; and the bitter Mula, with 7.5% alcohol and touches of caramel.

On a dark green background, 3 cardboard holders for beer glasses, each bearing a design that represents the type and brand of beers. From left to right, the first is composed of the figure of a woman with long yellow hair, wearing gloves and a long dress in shades of light and dark blue, and the word "Domina" on a yellow strip. Below, in yellow letters, the indication "DOMINA WEISS". The 2nd is composed of the figure of a mermaid with orange hair, in shades of green. Next to the tail, the word "Y-IARA" on a green strip. Below, in yellow letters, the indication "Y-IARA PILSEN". The third is composed of a headless mule with fire flames coming out of the neck and the word "MULA", all in shades of strong red, orange and yellow. Below, in yellow letters, the indication "MULA IPA".

Cervejaria Nacional: Photo: advertisement.


A 330ml glass of a draft beer is priced between R$ 6 and R$ 8. For those who want to taste all the creations, the Sampler is the right request: 160 ml cups of each of the chopes (draft beers) for R$ 14.

To complete the menu, the National Brewery offers dishes and snacks, such as the tasty grilled duck legs and the ham sandwich with crunchy onions and arugula, the chef’s suggestion. The third floor is reserved for lunches and dinners, with a large lounge for the restaurant and kitchen.

Cervejaria Nacional

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