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Cervejaria Karavelle

Foto: Divulgação.

Cervejaria Karavelle

Headquartered in Indaiatuba, the brewery Cervejaria Karavelle now has two branches in São Paulo.

On the menu, their traditional craft beers come in six different types: Red Ale Hell, Barba Negra, Pilsen Premium, I.P.A, Keller and Weiss, produced with rare recipes and ingredients imported from various regions of the world. Karavelle’s aim is to provide a moment of discovery for its Brazilian customers, like embarking on a Great Navigations into the world of specially crafted beers.

Picture of a rectangular photo with a dark wooden frame, with 6 medium sized bottles with different types of beers, from golden to caramel, red to black, each with a specific label, all with Nautical motives such as old caravels, nautical charts and sailors, as well as the "Karavelle" brand.

Karavelle Brewery has six different types of craft beers. Photo: advertisement

Cervejaria Karavelle

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