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Relaxed atmosphere with children and dogs, hot music that pleases many kinds of people. It also has good beers options

BrewDog Bar

BrewDog Bar, a Scottish craft brewery, has opened its first unit outside of Europe in Pinheiros.

With a punk soul and critical of industrial labels, BrewDog brings to the city a new concept of what it means to be a brewery. The house has no waiters or cooks and the service is done by beer geeks, young enthusiasts of good beer, who bring a more informal and specialized service to the table.

The bar has preserved the structure of the building where it is housed, an old mechanic’s shop. During the day a container installed on the right side of the building opens to the street which sells their brand label beer.

Image in close up. On a wooden table, two small bottles of beer, very dark brown glass and different shape - bulky body, smaller neck from which a handle comes out. In the body of the bottle is printed in white paint a shield with the stylized figure of a dog. Below, also in white paint, is written "BREWDOG". Behind, 3 glasses full of beer.

BrewDog. Photo: advertisement.


BrewDog strives for inventive beers and revolutionizes styles by creating different recipes by changing the quantities and varieties of hops, replacing malts and adding fruits or spices to each recipe.

Of the twenty-two taps installed behind the bar counter, several draft beers are served ranging from exclusive BrewDog labels to featured national and draft beers that were unheard of until now in Brazil.

BrewDog Bar

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