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Boteco Coutinho

Foto: Divulgação.

Boteco Coutinho

Located on one of the most popular streets of Vila Madalena, Boteco Coutinho offers an especially friendly atmosphere for their happy hour. The house serves the traditional feijoada on Saturday afternoon, accompanied by a roda de samba, as well as live soccer game showings on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Image in close up. Small silver metal pan containing melted cheese (cheese fondue). Leaning on the edge, above the melted cheese a silver metal skewer with a small piece of bread on the tip. Behind, on the right side, a crystal goblet with some red wine. To the left, at the top, the logo of the bar brings the word "Coutinho" in white letters on a brown stall. In the background, the blurred image of the fire in a fireplace.

Boteco Coutinho. Photo: advertisement.

The decor is carefully composed of colonial elements, reminiscent of an old railway station which gives the bar a cozy tone, and in contrast with the modern televisions scattered around the main hall. On warmer evenings and evenings, the sidewalk tables are a tasteful option.

Boteco Coutinho

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