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Bella Paulista

Foto: Divulgação.

Inspired by the architecture of New York and Paris, the Bella Paulista bread house brings a new concept of a bakery with their fusion of a snack bar, restaurant, bar, pizzeria and confectionery all in the same environment.

It includes a restaurant which offers sofas for its customers to be served at, as well as traditional tables and chairs. Some popular favorites on the menu are the exotic pizzas (such as Do Chef, made with fillet mignon, Brazilian vinaigrette salsa and cheddar sauce), sandwiches and lunch plates.

Cold meats, breads, salads, coffees and juices are available in the boulangerie section of the bakery, which also provides cakes, pies and sweets such as chocolate brownies and the house’s prestigious cake specialties.

The bakery also features a gelateria, with over 80 types of homemade ice creams, such as the Antena1 flavor, made with vanilla ice cream, apple with cinnamon and a caramel topping.

Photo: Mauro Holanda.

Padaria Bella Paulista

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