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Bar Tatu Bola

Foto: Divulgação.

Bar Tatu Bola

The bar has a welcoming atmosphere, with a menu and decoration in tribute to Brazilian culture.

The Itaim location has done a particularly interesting job on the ceiling. There are 75,000 Senhor do Bonfim ribbon bracelets of various colors, in addition to decorative bronze chandeliers. On the floor, tables made of rustic demolition wood and relics from antique fairs give the place a welcoming touch.

 Night shot. Bar facade, building with white walls with 2 floors. On the lower floor, some men stand in front of a large entrance door. Just above, a yellow rectangular plaque, where it is written in large white letters "TATU BOLA" and just below "BAR AND GRILL". On the upper floor, small balcony with a wooden and glass door and a black iron grille worked, with a lamp lit at each end.

Bar Tatu Bola. Photo: advertisement.

The menu highlights are typical dishes from various regions of the country, such as smoked calabrian sausage skewers or breaded steak canapés in a bread pan, both priced at R$ 28 each.

On the drinks menu, there are more than fifteen flavors of caipirinha alone, all made with fresh seasonal fruits, like the one of Jabuticaba—with Brazilian vodka, of course—for only R$ 16.90.

As for music, daily there are live acoustic performances of MPB (Brazilian pop music) and international and national rock during   happy hour.

Tatu Bola

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