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Foto: Divulgação.

Bar Léo

The very traditional Bar Léo, located in the downtown area of the city, is now run by Fábrica de Bares, which also runs Bar Brahma.

The house, inaugurated in 1940, accommodates more than seventy people in the interior area, apart from another twenty tables located in the outer area.

The decor consists of chopp (draft beer) mugs and bottles from various countries around the world. The bar honors German recipes in the cuisine and promotes pub-style happy hours.

Bar Léo. Photo: advertisement.


In addition to Bar Brahma on Avenida São João, the Fábrica de Bares also manages Bar Brahma Aeroclube, Cia da Cerveja, Ludovina, Manotango Parrilla Bar, José Menino e Torcedor, serving over 200,000 draft beers and 5,000 portions of pastels to up to 80,000 people per month. At Bar Léo, Brahma chopp is the flagship of the menu, as it is in the other establishments of the network.

Bar Léo

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