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Bar Gibi Cultura Geek

Foto: Divulgação.

Bar Gibi Cultura Geek

São Paulo is to gain a new space dedicated to geek culture: the Gibi Culture Geek bar. Located in Vila Mariana, the venue will be a place for video games, hundreds of comic books and comic strips, toy model and action figure exhibitions, spaces for discussions, workshops, a store, and a bar and café.

On the menu, items that stand out are hot dogs, snacks and small plates, Brazilian and imported beers and exclusive drinks. Already the programming is sure to appeal to its target audience with showings of TV series (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad), movies, and events such as gaming fairs instead of traditional football matches.

Small bar in the left corner of the place. On the left and bottom walls, several shelves with some bottles of drinks, glasses and some decorative objects. In the center, around a small light brown wooden counter, some people in colorful clothes, inspired by comic book characters, prepare and taste assorted cocktails.

Bar Gibi Cultura Geek. Photo: advertisement.


As for video games, the geek audience will be able to play on twelve consoles from the 80s and 90s such as the classic Telejogo, Atari, Master System, Mega Drive e Super Nintendo, among others. The Gibi Cultura Geek bar does not have an opening date yet.

Bar Gibi Cultura Geek

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