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Bar Empório Alto dos Pinheiros

Foto: Divulgação.

Bar Empório Alto dos Pinheiros

Located in Pinheiros district, Empório is a famous bar, store and restaurant with around 700 beer labels, 33 chopes (draft beers), 150 wines, 70 cachaças, as well as cider, single malts and other beverages. It also serves a variety of dishes, portions and sandwiches.

Image in close up. On a very white plate, a very tall and round filet mignon on boiled and kneaded potatoes and covered with a thick dark green sauce and some leaves. All around, broccoli and a small pot of white crockery with "Mint Sauce".

Bar Empório Alto dos Pinheiros. Photo: advertisement.


Come visit!  You can take a cold one home, or relax and enjoy your beer on the outdoor terrace of one of the best bars in the world!

Empório Alto dos Pinheiros

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