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Bar da Dona Onça

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Bar da Dona Onça

Declared Best Bar Cuisine in Sao Paulo and run by chefs Janaína Rueda, Jefferson Rueda and Julio César de Toledo Piza, Bar da Dona Onça is popular for its dishes and bar food from the interior of São Paulo and its authentic bohemian Paulistano gastronomy. And now it has just added new dishes to the menu.

Bar Dona Onça. Photo: advertisement.


In addition to the already famous dishes such as Mini Oxtail, the Mar e Rio Fry, Oxtail and Chicken with Okra, starting in October the bar will also serve dishes like burrata and Italian tomato ravioli, fettucine (with garlic, oil and broccoli), dansk style beet salad (with homemade bacon and feta cheese), Jota’s Sandwich (burger, lettuce, cheese, special sauce, onion, pickle on a no-sesame bun with fries) and eggs on bread.

With 80 seats, the restaurant aims to popularize wine, with glasses of red and white wines being presented on the drinks menu. Located in the Copan Building, the bar is decorated with panels of photos of the world’s great bohemian cities that have been visited by the Onça, such as London, Paris and New York.

Bar da Dona Onça

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