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Bar Alto da Harmonia

Foto: Divulgação.

Bar Alto da Harmonia

In addition to being an excellent gastronomic choice, Alto da Harmonia bar and restaurant offers one of the most privileged views of the city.

Located in Vila Madalena, the bar features a 180 m² terrace with panoramic views, a lunette for guests to admire the landscape, and lighted lounges decorated with large windows and glass panels.

Bar Alto da Harmonia. Photo: advertisement.


After renovating the old building, the idealizers sought to reinstill its former bohemian and artistic charm, a local cultural wave from the 80s. The house has a smoker’s lounge and also has a special menu of top quality pet food for dogs.

All income gained from the pets is allocated to the NGO Ampara Animal.

Alto da Harmonia

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