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Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena. Foto: Jeferson Pancieri/SPTuris.

Vila Madalena is right stop for bohemians. On the streets there are bars for all tastes : there are pubs “classic”, the bringing together journalists and passionate about football and the LGBT happening.

For those who want a cold beer, who does not dispense live music or want more excitement ” party girl “, also there are several options. The region is also a haven for intellectuals. So there are always good options to browse and buy books.

Inside photo of a bar. In the bottom plane, dozens of people, sitting around several tables, drinking and talking. On the ceiling, an old crystal chandelier. To the bottom and to the right, several shelves with several bottles, illuminated by orange lights.

Vila Madalena. Foto: Caio Pimenta/SPTuris.

Vila Madalena. Foto: Caio Pimenta/SPTuris.In the rugged geography of Vila Madalena streets there are several workshops and art galleries where artists exhibit works and give even more charming touch to the neighborhood. The neighborhood still has great thrift stores, filled with treasures, scattered in the streets.


Madalena District
Address: Praça Benedito Calixto, s/nº – Pinheiros.

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